Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Copa Argentina Presentation

In the past, the official presentation on the day before the event was where the draw and the schedule were announced. This time, both were already released last week so it was basically "just" a normal press conference that took place at a hotel in Buenos Aires today. Out of the six players, four were present, Pico and Charly Berlocq, as well as David and his opponent tomorrow, Alexandr Dolgopolov (Nicolas Almagro and Gilles Simon arrived today).

So, another press conference for David and some more questions from journalists for him to face. In the clip above, he gets asked about the way he'll approach the next season.
The Davis Cup will be his "fundamental" goal but what happens on the Tour going to depend on continuity, on how regularly he'll be able to play and whether there'll be further injuries.
But then it gets more concrete - David says that he's planning to play "all of the South American swing" and then Indian Wells and Miami. Everything after that he still has to see about and it'll also be a matter of ranking (and getting wildcards).
So after a late start next year, and skipping the Australian Open, it's apparently a very busy schedule that David has planned for February and March - the Davis Cup first-round tie, Viña del Mar, São Paulo, the Copa Claro, Acapulco and then on to Indian Wells and Miami.

Apart from that, David also told the journalists that he has been training for several weeks and that he's ready to play the Copa Argentina (source). And it starts for him tomorrow.
His match against Alexandr Dolgopolov will be the second match of the night at the BALTC (after Pico vs Charly Berlocq). I guess the starting time will be around 10.30pm local (1.30am GMT/8.30pm EST). Whether there'll be streams - we'll find out.

Last but not least, here's a greeting from David, inviting you to the Copa Argentina.


  1. Ok guys I'm done with my finals. I think I Aced two of them but praying I passed the third! The most important thing now I'm free like a bird and eager to enjoy some tennis, so there'd better be some streams ;)

  2. Well it seems there's a stream listed in livescorehunter.
    Hopefully it will work tomorrow :)

  3. enjoy your free time Camilia! hope you'll succeed your exams :)

    yeah hopefully the stream will work tonight (ouch ouch the timezone difference but it's David so it's okay lol)

    1. This time I'm in the right time zone :D Good I'm not flying back home till Dec. 11th, otherwise I'd be in the same boat ;)

  4. 1.30 not the best time. Going to bed a bit early and gunna wake up to watch the return of the kinggg! Hahah good luck Camilia