Thursday, December 6, 2012

Copa Argentina - David's Return Delayed

(Sergio Llamera)

106 days after playing his last official match of this season, against Alexandr Dolgopolov at Winston-Salem, today was supposed to be the day David would finally play a match again, once more against Alexandr Dolgopolov but this time at the Copa Argentina.
That was the plan.
But what got in the way was - the weather.
Due to heavy rains (see photo by Pico) there won't be any tennis at the BALTC today.
And today's matches have been postponed until tomorrow (source).
They will now be played during an additional day session, starting at 5pm local.
For David, this means that his match will probably take place around 7pm local (10pm GMT/5pm EST).

So David will return, 107 days after playing his last official match - tomorrow.
I'll be adding a couple more things to this post, to pass the time...

- Here we go.
First of all, two new Topper Copa David clips you can watch here and here.

Then there's an old and controversial topic, addressed now by someone who has witnessed what he's talking about first-hand. David and Delpo, and the Davis Cup team, in the words of Juan Ignacio Chela, who announced his retirement earlier this week.
I think what's happening between David and Juan Martin, who are the most important players... is that they're never going to be friends.
They don't love each other, that's the way it is.
According to Chela, many of Argentina's great players, including David and Delpo, are not exactly easy to get along with and "not uncomplicated". And what's missing is that the players don't talk enough to each other, don't treat each other in a straightforward manner. Though he also recalled an occasion where David was rather straightforward with him:
Once he grabbed me and told me, "if I'm going to play the doubles, I prefer to play it with Schwank". For me, that meant I was out of team. But he told me, you know? I didn't like what he said but I appreciated that.
As for David and Delpo, Chela hopes that in the future, they'll be handling the situation "like the pros they are", that they "don't get worked up about what the other does" and that they "respect each other".

Apart from that, here's an old photo I came across this week. Do you recognise everybody?


Finally, David tells an anecdote about an unusual encounter with (and for) Roger Federer:
An anecdote of mine with Federer is that once, I was in Monte Carlo, playing PlayStation with Moya, Nadal and Ferrer. The losers had to go down to the lobby in their underpants and when they did they ran into Federer and his wife, who saw them...
(Source 1 & 2)
Though he conveniently forgot to mention whether he was among those who lost that day.
So much for today, I'll see you tomorrow for David's return.


  1. I for one love rain but gonna pray for good weather. I don't want to wait another day!

  2. Not looking good for today, I'm afraid. I'm reading the matches will be postponed but I'm still waiting for it to be officially confirmed.

  3. And congratulations. Hope you'll pass the third exam. :)

  4. ah too bad, I've already set my alarm clock lol
    hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow though.

  5. Yeah, the weather in Buenos Aires has ruined my plans for the weekend... :S
    Anyway, the forecast is looking good for tomorrow. But thanks to the new schedule, we could be facing a stream problem.

  6. Thanks Julia :)
    I can see some livestreams listed and hopefully they will work tomorrow
    and yep I recognize everybody in the pic :p

  7. I got really nostalgic this week when Chela announced his retirement, And then I saw that photo, all of them so young and with their careers still ahead of them... :)

    Anyway, yeah, LSH have adjusted their schedule. I just hope they know (or will find out) that the day session matches won't be shown on TV but on ESPN's internet player thingy.

  8. David the blond guy :D they were all so young, promising talents!