Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Brief Update

(Pedro Castillo/MundoD)

Of the truly bad and unpleasant sort for David - who has become the victim of a burglary.
His home in Unquillo was broken into at around 1.30am today. Bernardo Ballero explains:
Last night, David and his girlfriend Victoria had gone out for dinner. And when they came back they realised that there had been a burglary. (Source.)

They were not at home, there was the discomfort of coming home and finding their belongings in a mess, with several of them stolen. (Source.)
The burglars, now "searched for intensively by the police" took off with "two laptops, five wristwatches and an unspecified amount of cash" (source). The material loss is one thing, the knowledge that someone broke into your home is quite another. Hopefully, David and Victoria can recover from this experience soon...

Update II (13/12)
What has been recovered is their belongings. Apparently, the police discovered several bags yesterday evening, hidden by the burglars and containing "all of those items that were stolen during the previous night" (source).

The last event of the 2012 season is over, the last match of the year has been played.
But while Vamos David will soon go on holiday (to return, as always, with a new look on David's birthday) for David himself the hard work starts now. As it's time to begin with his pre-season training for next year, at the Inés Gorrochategui Academy.
And apparently, he won't be alone, as this photo from yesterday shows - of Edu Schwank, training at the academy with David's brother Javier, who used to be Edu's coach and now seems to be working with him again. So David and Edu might do the pre-season together, which in that case could include some extra doubles practices for future Davis Cup duties.

But will it really take until February and the first-round tie for David to put his training to good use? I've mentioned it before, there have been rumours about an exhibition in January. In this context, David's spokesman Bernardo Ballero told news agency DPA that he has "a few commitments in Córdoba", though he didn't say when or against who. Another exhibition that could happen next year, though not until November, is a possible match between David and Rafa Nadal (source). It's not the first time that there's talk about an exhibition like that, we'll see if it takes place, this time around.
So an exhibition in January is a possibility but still hardly more than a rumour at this stage. Whereas the following piece of info from New Zealand is a bit of a surprise. As several news sites report, the Auckland tournament director is "in talks with former world No 3 David Nalbandian" (as well as with some other players) about a wildcard (source). The surprising part being that David apparently hasn't said no, right away, though you'd expect him to.

Meanwhile, the whole of Argentina (or so it seems) is going crazy about the exhibition event with two matches between Delpo and Roger Federer, taking place today and tomorrow. During the press conference yesterday, Delpo once more refused to answer any questions about his future on the Davis Cup team.
The event also includes a match between the two godfathers of Argentine Davis Cup drama: Guillermo Vilas and José Luis Clerc. Thirty years ago, their relentless feuding ruined their chances of winning the title (see post). Now Clerc has called for unity among the current players, telling them to "embrace each other". And both Vilas and Clerc have offered to help the Davis Cup team (source). What the AAT and Martin Jaite will say to that - we'll see.


  1. Well, apparently David doesn't have Pit Bulls wandering around his property when he's not home. Actually electronic security should suffice. Too bad about the break in. That sort of thing really leaves you unnerved. Victoria must be freaked. Wonder if it was the taxi driver from a few years ago. Hope all settles down. Interesting about Auckland. I wouldn't mind if he played there, but really it's a long way from Argentina if he's not playing the Aussie. If I was a touring pro I'd play there every year. Absolutely love the city and the country. I imagine Jaite is gritting his teeth and hoping Vilas and Clerc butt out.

  2. It definitely is an unnerving experience. I once walked into my parents' place (they were on holiday) to find that it had been burgled. It was a huge shock and it wasn't even my place. So yeah, poor Victoria. The taxi driver - now we we have a conspiracy theory! ;)
    That bit about Auckland is strange, even by David's lofty standards. Though it could still be a misunderstanding. As in, David was merely among those they asked. I've never been to NZ but there are several players, who love that event and go back every year.
    As for Jaite, yep, I'd agree with your interpretation.

  3. Wow! First no news at all, and now all kinds of news that you wouldn't expect surface! It seems David was keeping you busy Julia while I was running from one airport to another.
    Playing Auckland would be indeed a strange decision but I wouldn't mind seeing him play if that what he decides to do :D

  4. Yeah, you can always trust David to make news when you least expect it. Also news of the unforeseen kind... ;)
    As for Auckland, Monfils was also on their list of players and now Monfils gets the second of the 3 WCs (with the last expected to go to a local player). So I guess the whole thing was indeed a misunderstandig and David was just one of those they asked.