Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Resolving The Uncertainties

With the Copa Argentina now three weeks away, there's still nothing to be heard from David (who has by now dropped to #81 in the rankings). No statement about his plans, nothing about the current situation.
But while there's no news from David himself, there's news about him - and it's great news.

According to a new press release on the Copa Claro website (thanks, Denise!), David will be present at the official presentation of next year's edition, to take place on November 28.
Where, as the article states, he'll "begin to resolve the uncertainties concerning 2013".
After missing the end of the season due to injury, Nalbandian is recovering his top form, focusing on the 2013 season, which will see him on the courts again.
In other words - it's official. As official as it can be at this point.
David is going to play another season.
And we'll get to hear more about it from himself, two weeks from now (at the latest).
So there's still some more waiting ahead. But the worst of all uncertainties has been resolved.


  1. Thanks for the update Julia, good news :)

  2. Woooo *dancing* wooo jippiehhhh :-)! Great news! *Happy*
    I can't say anything with more sense at the moment :-)
    Thank you Denise and Julia!!!

  3. I want it to be December already! I finish my last final exam on Dec 5 and I don't fly back home till Dec 11, Very convient :D

  4. Glad to know the "Mystery Man" is going to play another year. At least it seems so. Great news. David is never going to win any awards for PR. Looking forward to Copa Argentina.

    1. Yep, no PR award for the mystery man.

  5. That's the best news I've seen for david we can get was gunna say somethin yesterday but it didn't send. Anyways brilliant news for el rey

  6. if anyone cares, david will be playing polo tomorrow again in la dolfina, he is in the final of the copa zafiro, he is in the same team with adolfo cambiaso (kind of maradona or messi of polo).

  7. Yeah, I saw it on Twitter and there's probably going to be a post about it, in the absence of any tennis-related news.
    But of course he plays on a team with Cambiaso, they're good friends. :)

  8. yay! now that it's official for 2013 season, let's hope David won't hurst himself while playing polo, "his new adventure". Classy one :)

  9. Yeah, I've seen it, I'll write a post when I have time.