Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Interviews & Copa David

Update (26/11)
As announced by the AAT today, the Davis Cup first-round tie next year is going to be held at the Parque Roca - on clay (thanks, Leandro).
Going by what he said in recent interviews, this means that David will do his pre-season on clay and won't play the Australian Open.
Whether this is definitive I guess we'll find out on Wednesday, at the Copa Claro presentation.

(Daniel Caceres/Clarin)
There are lots of things in life that David enjoys more than giving interviews. But from time to time he agrees to doing a whole round of them, like earlier this week in Villa Allende.
Two further interviews from his "media marathon" on Monday, both by Hernan Sartori for Clarin, were published yesterday.
One of them you'll find below.
The other, longer one, which is all about the Davis Cup, I've added in another backdated post that you can read here.
David: I miss competing because it's the adrenaline I've had since I was very young. It's something that's really great about this sport, also having fellow players you've known for many years. When something like that [an injury] happens you want to get those sensations back again.

Q: How did you deal with those first moments after the injury?

David: At first, I tried to make things happen a little faster but when I saw that it wasn't possible I took my foot off the gas and and did a rehabilitation that was a bit more relaxed, knowing that I wasn't going to play anything else this year.

Q: What kind of role does the mind play when an athlete gets injured?

David: It's never great to be injured because you're always ready to be on court. But things like that happen and unfortunately, they happened to me. I hope I can have a good start in 2013. It's important to think about what's ahead and not about the past.

Q: Are you planning to return step by step or as if nothing happened?

David: No, normal. I'll play the Copa Argentina, I'll do the pre-season and next year I'll be fully fit. I have to decide if I'm going to play the Australian Open because the Davis Cup will take place immediately afterwards and you have to think about the adaptation to the surface. And I'm going to play the South American swing.
Here, it sounds like going to the Australian Open will be something he'll decide and not just the consequence of the surface chosen for the first-round tie, like in the other interviews.
In any case, David obviously doesn't know or doesn't care to use the name that ATP has come up with for the South American events, i.e. the Golden Swing.
Q: Are you going to set goals for yourself from the start or do you want to enjoy your return?

David: Both. I want to enjoy going back to playing again because that's what I've been missing. But I also want to make it back inside the Top50 in the ranking, out of which I've dropped because of the injury. And the Davis Cup remains to be an objective.

Q: Which David Nalbandian would you like to be in six months?

David: I want to be healthy, competing and enjoying another year of tennis and what the sport has given to me.

Q: Without too much pressure?

David: With the Davis Cup there will be pressure because it's great to play it. And I think that I can achieve the goal of getting back inside the Top50 next year.

Q:  You're 30 years old now, with a few more years to go. What would you like the end of your career to be like?

David: Healthy, competing and achieving goals. When you stop having goals and objectives it gets very difficult to train, to have the right attitude and to compete. You always have to have clear goals and achieve them.

Apart from that, there's the new Topper campaign, soon to be released. Featuring Topper's two big stars, who share the same first name, David and footballer David Trezeguet. And therefore to be called "Copa David" (more pics from the shoot you can view on the Photo Page). 
Apparently, it'll be an interactive campaign, involving several rounds, with a match against either of the Davids as the main prize.

And this seems to be the new shirt that Topper have designed for David,
a bit like a variation of the old one and an improvement, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Meanwhile at the BALTC the court is being prepared for the tenth anniversary edition of the Copa Argentina, now less than two weeks away. More about the event and David's long history with it next week.

(Copa Argentina/FB)


  1. I'll add this as a comment - a Córdoba newspaper reports that David will become a father next year. Apparently, his girlfriend Victoria is three months pregnant. If it's true then that's great news for the two of them. :)

  2. So, the blessed event will happen in June-ish?

  3. I guess so. May/June, something like that. The article also says that after the next season, he'll have other priorities than tennis. A fair guess, I'd say.

  4. Awww a little Nalbandian :-) That'd be wonderful news and I'm very happy for them, if true! The little one will be a cutie for sure!

  5. Haven't been able to comment recently not lettin me on ipad for some reason but been reading everything and there's very good sings and its quite clear davids plans and aims. Great he's playin another season, let's get behind him as usual and hope it will be good and fun for him + us. Wow yeh, he's gunna be future world number 1! Lol

  6. It's pretty confirmed. Danny Miche himself tweeted about it, and it's been retweeted and posted on ESPN.

  7. A baby that's so adorable! I also found out a few days ago that I'm going to have a new nephew or a niece May or June. My friend had her baby a few days ago. It seems everybody I know is either going to have a baby or had a baby recently. Ok guys, who else in here is having a baby? no surprises :p

  8. No surprises from me. ;) But yeah, same here, I have a little nephew now too and my best friend is with child.

    Anyway, looks like everybody else did what I did, quoting or linking that article from the Cordoba newspaper. But since there's been no denial from David I guess it's true. :)
    And he'll certainly be asked about it at the Copa Claro presentation on Wednesday.

  9. Wow, that's unexpected (but lovely) news. I think Victoria must be the most patient girlfriend in the world, so I'm happy for her. :)

    I remember David saying he wasn't in a hurry to have children as he didn't want to be on tour missing his kids, but they are both in their 30s now(!) so I expect they feel the time is right.

    So the baby is due around the time of Roland Garros. I wonder how much David is going to want to travel to that and to Wimbledon. From my (selfish) point of view, that is the time of year when I've been able to see him play live - Queen's (ha!), Boodles & Wimbledon. So maybe next year, he'll either be in a very mellow mood... or not there at all.

  10. Well, he's been saying that he may miss the Slams to focus on the DC and other tournaments that are valuable to him.

  11. He may miss Slams and other tournaments for the sake of playing DC.

    But yep, it could be that he'll miss some of the clay/grass tournaments for a different reason.

  12. Could it be that he made those plans with this new development in mind?

  13. DC as the number one priority isn't new and neither is skipping a Slam for its sake. It'll be his last season, I think that much is clear now. So he'll play what he wants and likes, DC, Slams, Masters (if he gets a WC) and some smaller events he likes that fit with his schedule.

  14. Argentina is playing against germany in clay, so no david on australian open.

  15. Thanks. Announced by the AAT, I see. I guess the attempts to get Delpo to play the tie were not successful...

    1. Too bad! All what we can do is just enjoy watching him play whatever tourneys he's planning to play. As you said, by the looks of it's most likey going to be his last season

  16. Yep, exactly. :)

    I'm reading that Delpo hasn't responded to any of Jaite's attempts at contacting him. Well, he usually skips the first round, anyway. But I hope he'll be back for the QF.

    1. I hope so too. Their chances would be better if he played.

  17. The QF will probably be against France and they'll need him for that... But I think he'll be back for it.

    Anyway, returning at a DC tie, after over five months and without any match practice - that's also going to be quite a challenge for David.

  18. My wife is pregnant as well..LOL. Due date is June 4th.

  19. I'm late on this one but :

    - Congrats Simon! lovely news :)

    - and congrats David and Victoria for the baby! that sounds adorable, it was about time I guess :) I can already imagine David bringing his kid to his activities haha!

    - no surprises from me either lol. But my best friend already has a baby (1yo)... no nephew nor nieces yet :(

  20. I think DelPo would've skipped the 1st round tie anyway, even if they decided to play it on hardcourt... hope he'll make it for the QF though, we need him.

  21. The only reason hardcourt was even considered for this tie was trying to get Delpo to play. That he still won't do it, well, I'm not really surprised, either. But if he really isn't talking to Jaite then that's not a good sign. Though I think he'll be back for the QF.

    And yeah, congratulations, Simon. :)

  22. The Copa Claro presentation is now under way. A first pic of David here. More later.

  23. David has confirmed that he'll play the Copa Claro, along with Pico, "the other David" Ferrer, Nicolas Almagro and Stanislas Wawrinka.

    David has also confirmed that he'll become a father next May.

    Post coming later today.

    1. Awesome, I'm happy for him and Victoria (patience pays off haha! they're happy together :)

      and Copa Claro, here we go!! :D