Thursday, November 22, 2012

In David's Words - Supplement


So after months of silence we've now had two long interviews. And lots of replies from David to various questions about different topics. Among them the most important topic of them all, his plans for the coming season. To put those things he said into context - a little summary:

When and where the 2013 season will begin for David - that's still the question. Depending on the surface chosen for the first-round tie, it's either going to be at the Australian Open (January 14-27) or at the Davis Cup home tie against Germany (February 1-3).
Directly after that it'll be time for the Golden Swing. This year, David played all of it. Doing the same next year would mean Viña del Mar (according to the Chilean press, the organisers are trying to get David for their event), São Paulo, the Copa Claro and finally Acapulco. He'll play the Copa Claro but which ones of the other events remains to be seen.
According to ESPN, David will then play Indian Wells and Miami, for both of which he'll need and apparently get a wildcard (just like he would have this year, had he needed one).
After Miami, it'll then be Davis Cup week again and time for the quarterfinal (April 5-7).
- That's, roughly, what the first part of David's season will look like. 

David's ranking as it is now (#81) is still high enough to get into the main draw at Slams, at most 250 tournaments and at some of the 500s. But it's not enough for Masters events, so for playing any of those, David will depend on wildcards. It's either that, or getting back inside the Top50. But that won't be easy at the start of the season. After all, there's still that big question mark, concerning the Australian Open, and during the Golden Swing he'll have a number of points to defend before he can start adding anything to his count. Not to forget the quarterfinal points he'll be defending at Indian Wells. So to improve his ranking will be difficult during this first part of the season. And that means afterwards we'll not only find out which European tournaments David likes and wants to play but also which European Masters events will be willing to give him a wildcard.

Davis Cup
The next season could very well be David's last and final chance to win the title he wants more than anything else and to achieve the one big and long-standing goal that's still within his reach. Now, the Davis Cup has always been very important to David, to put it mildly,
also more important than Slams (see Wimbledon 2010). Next year, it'll be even "worse" and whether or not you like David's Davis Cup obsession, you can expect it to rule the next season, even more so than before. In other words, he might skip tournaments (including Slams, and not just the Australian Open) if he thinks that playing them interferes with his chances of doing well in Davis Cup.
What the next season will bring in terms of Davis Cup drama, well, that remains to be seen. I've mentioned it in the previous post, considering hardcourt for the first tie is apparently an attempt to get Delpo to play. And make what could be a new start after the lost semifinal.

So that's what's ahead for David and for us in 2013. Or at least, in the first few months of it. David's main goal for the season will of course be winning the Davis Cup. Apart from that, he has apparently done what I wasn't sure he'd do - he seems to have adjusted his expectations. Though if he gets to play Rafa for example, he'll still try to prove that he can beat him, that much is certain. But what I hope is that 2013 will see David enjoying himself on court again.


  1. I think we got to the point where Rankings is just a figure and we don't have to worry about it (despite all the points to be defended in the Golden Swing to begin with, etc), as long as David is healthy... but it's nothing news, you said it many times Julia, and next year, more than ever, I will appreciate and be thankful every time we see him play :)

  2. We won't have to worry about his ranking as long as he gets WCs if his ranking isn't high enough. And he might be needing them not just for Masters, if he doesn't manage to defend his Golden Swing and IW points. But so far, he never really had any difficulties, getting WCs.
    Anyway, yeah, whatever this new season is going to bring, what matters is that David is going to be there. :)


  4. That's a mixture of quotes from different interviews. From those I translated before and from one of the two by Clarin that I'm going to add tomorrow. ;)