Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Great News for David (& Copa Claro Presentation)

It was supposed to be an important day for the Copa Claro and its organisers with the official presentation of next year's edition (February 18-24). But their "guest star" ended up stealing their thunder. And the piece of info that immediately made the rounds on the social networks and in the media had little to do with the Copa Claro. Or with tennis, for that matter.
I posted it in the comments (of the previous post), and only there because it wasn't official. But now it is: David will become a father. His girlfriend Victoria Bosch is expecting a child, to be born next May. Great news for them but also news that came out sooner than planned.
The information was leaked [to the press]. We would've liked to announce it, ourselves. Victoria and me, we are very happy.
Now, we've already speculated about how this might affect David's schedule.
For now, the birth of the baby won't change my tennis calendar.
That's what he says now (and for now) - we'll see.
What's clear though, and now also official, is that David is going to play the 2013 edition of the Copa Claro. Where he'll be joined by this year's champion David Ferrer, this year's runner-up Nicolas Almagro and also Stanislas Wawrinka, who obviously had a good time in Buenos Aires this year despite not making the final. Pico on the other hand hasn't been confirmed yet (the initial info was wrong) but the organisers are in talks with him, and also with Kei Nishikori (source).
In any case, David is looking forward to playing his home tournament:
It's always motivating for me to play in front my home crowd. It's going to be a pleasure to play in Buenos Aires again. It's something that I enjoy very much and I think it's unlike anything else.
Speaking of which, in the clip above David first says that he watched some matches on TV while he was out, injured and then also gets asked to pick the most memorable match he played at Buenos Aires. After giving it some thought he goes for "the match against Potito" Starace. And there were three of those at this event, including his comeback match after hip surgery. But the one David means is the quarterfinal 2008, an epic battle in front of a very vocal crowd, including an especially vocal Diego Maradona, that David eventually won in three sets (match point here). All of that on his way to winning the title that year.

What's going to happen at the beginning of next year, however, that's the one thing he apparently didn't talk about. Or at least, I haven't been able to find out anything more about whether David is indeed going to skip the Australian Open...

Update (29/11)
According to Danny Miche, he will and his first event in 2013 is going to be the Davis Cup tie against Germany (February 1-3).
Edit: Quique Cano agrees and says it's official - no David at the Australian Open.

Ahead for David now are his preparations for the next season:
I feel good, physically. I'm going to do a demanding pre-season with the intention of starting the next year without any of the pain or problems that have kept me from playing, this season.
And of course the Copa Argentina, next week. More about it soon.



  1. Thanks Julia! He seems very happy :)One thing I learned from being a Nalby fan, never take anything for granted ;)

  2. I know right? This story took off like wildfire....the newspapers seem to know what the sex of the baby is, even.

    1. I'm in the wrong business! I should have studied Journalism ;)They seem to have all the fun and I bet they didn't have to write papers about topics that gave headaches!
      I wish my last paper would magically write itself and my take home exam would solve itself! At least my last final exam is on Dec 5th, so I can enjoy the tennis!

    2. Thanks Tiffany. I need all the encouragment I can get :D

    3. I think David is a topic that gives journalists all sorts of headaches... ;)
      (And me too, sometimes. But well, I chose my own fate.)

      Good luck for your exam. :)

      As for the sex of the baby, that's all just speculation at this point.

  3. hold on Camilia, one more week before final exam, fingers crossed for you! :)

    yeah, David looks really happy, it radiates in the clip : talking about Copa Claro, his health, his future baby, etc. he's delighted!

    to be born next May, ouch for Roland Garros... we'll see though.

  4. Judging by Tamar's photos (linked now on the Photo Page) there were also moments when he looked more serious and, occasionally, bored. lol
    But all in all still in a better mood than he usually is during press conferences. :)

    May, yeah, that's RG. Could also concern Madrid and Rome. But if he decides to put the birth of his child ahead of tennis then for me, that's the right choice.

  5. Thanks Julia and Mira :)

    @Julia David is a headache that I'd gladly deal with ;)

    I actually like serious David photos but I like it better when he smiles :) As you wrote in the post he thinks that the birth of the baby won't change his schedule but again it's David, you never know! I'm fine with any choice he makes.