Thursday, November 29, 2012

Copa Argentina: Draw & Schedule

(event website)

It's the ninth year in a row that David is going to play the Copa Argentina exhibition. And it's the fifth year of covering this event here on Vamos David for me. But this is a first. In the past, the draw always took place during a press conference on the day before the event. But this time, the organisers apparently thought it was time for a change and they released the draw and the schedule already today. So, earlier than planned, here's what's ahead next week.

The Copa Argentina is held in the "Super Six" format. Two round-robin groups of three players each, the winners of which get to contest the final. And here are this year's groups:

Group A
Gilles Simon
Edit: Charly Berlocq
(Fernando Verdasco has pulled out.)

Group B
Nicolas Almagro
Alexandr Dolgopolov

Not exactly an easy group for David. Or rather, the most difficult one for him ever since the introduction of the Super Six format back in 2009. Whether David will enjoy the challenge, and whether he'll be up for it - we'll see.
And here's the complete schedule of play for this year's Copa Argentina:
(Play starts 8.30pm local; the final on Sunday starts 7pm local.)

Thursday (6/12)
Pico vs Charly Berlocq
David vs Alexandr Dolgopolov

Friday (7/12)
Gilles Simon vs Charly Berlocq
Nicolas Almagro vs Alexandr Dolgopolov

Saturday (8/12)
David vs Nicolas Almagro
Pico vs Gilles Simon

So, 106 days after his last official match at Winston-Salem against Alexandr Dolgopolov, David is going to play an exhibition match at the BALTC - against Alexandr Dolgopolov. Whether that's a good omen or a bad one I'll leave to you to decide...
I'll try my best to provide stream links for David's matches. Any help will be appreciated.
Here's hoping that we'll get to see David play - it's been a while.
More about his Copa Argentina history still to come. Soon.

Update (01/12)
Here's the new Topper "Copa David" ad:


  1. Thanks Julia! Hopefully there will be streams. I'll keep my eyes open :)

  2. I saw it by chance, got totally surprised by it... lol
    Yeah, will there be streams - that is the question. And anything from Bet365/LSH to nothing at all can happen with the Copa Argentina. But we've had some great finds by readers in the past so I'm optimistic that together, we'll find a stream. :)

  3. At least he's not in the same group as Verdasco. :0

    Another exho match with Almagro, just like at Boodles. I watched that match live with fellow VamosDavider Denise. :)
    That was a fun match, played in such a nice spirit.

  4. thanks Julia!
    it will be interesting to watch David play against Dolgo again, I'll go for a good omen on that one :) and hoping for some streams here and there!

  5. We'll see (hopefully, if there are streams) how seriously David and the others will be taking their matches. At the Copa Argentina, pretty much anything seems to be possible in this regard, and of course it depends on the players. But I think a not too serious approach would be better for David. lol

  6. For the record, in the meantime David has confirmed that he won't play the AO.

  7. Too bad about the Aussie Open, but realistically it would be foolhardy to play it with no lead up. Copa Argentina is a good way to get started. Hopefully the other five won't take it as seriously as David. At worst two matches is good. I thought I knew all the Argentine players, but I must admit I'd never heard of Guido Pella. Well, all young Guido did was win the ATP Challenger Tour Finals this week knocking off Bellucci, Hanescu and Ungur along the way. Pella will crack the Top 100 tomorrow. Well done.

    1. Argentina seems to have quite a few promising young players coming up. :)

    2. Yep, there's a whole new generation of players. I've always liked the tradition of inviting young players as hitting partners for the DC team. But now Jaite & Zabaleta are taking it to a new level. They'll hold a training camp for the ten best youngsters. Including, amongst others, Guido Pella, Federico Delbonis, Facundo Bagnis and Diego Schwartzmann.

      I didn't watch any of the Challenger final matches but I knew I had written Pella's name on VD before... Back in 2010, when David decided to embark on his DC "rescue mission" in Stockholm, he played a test match to see if he was fit enough - against Guido Pella. :)

  8. hahaha love the new Topper Ad :D
    what does David say at the end at 0:26 ?

    1. Trezeguet says,"take part in the Copa David and play the final against us". (The main prize being a football-tennis match against the two of them.) David: "if you like." Trezeguet: "if you really want to." David: "if you got the balls to do it". ;)

    2. thanks Julia :)
      "if you got the balls to do it" hahaha I love that one from David!

  9. Hi to everybody,
    Did you see yesterday David in the podium of the race of the TC final race of the season?
    Mauro Giallombardo became the champion in La Plata

  10. Hi there. I read somewhere that he was at some sort of motorsport event but I didn't know that he got to hand over the trophy. So he hasn't completely forgotten about cars and races, after all. Thanks for the link. :)