Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Tournament of a Different Kind - David's Polo Debut

(Emiliano Lasalvia/La Nacion)

Update (19/11)
Surprise - it looks like David is currently talking to the Argentine media at the Inés Gorrochategui Academy. More about it as soon as possible.

It's been ages, or so it seems, since David played his last tournament. And it's still almost three weeks until the Copa Argentina. The last two days, however, David spent playing a tournament - of a different kind. He took part in his first official polo event, the Copa Zafiro.
(Edit: Lots of additional pics now on the Photo Page.)
I'm very happy to be playing my first tournament and even more so because I get to do it together with a friend like Adolfito.
Adolfito is Adolfo Cambiaso, who's usually to be seen in David's box when he's playing tennis in Argentina or Britain, a friend David likes to go out and party with. But apart from that Cambiaso also is arguably the best polo player the world has ever known, head of the famous La Dolfina team and owner of the polo ranch by the same name, where the event was held. In short, David was introduced to the sport by a friend, who happens to be one of its superstars.

That David likes rally driving and golf is widely known. Polo is a more recent and less well-known addition but one that's apparently becoming more and more important for him:
(Emiliano Lasalvia/La Nacion)
I felt really good out there on the polo field. I think I'm making a lot of progress. I have to try and play more often.
He started buying polo ponies already a while ago and apparently, David has plans for setting up his own club in Unquillo.
Polo is one of my favourite sports. When I retire from tennis it could be that I start playing polo the next day.
He wouldn't be the first Argentine athlete to take that path. There's also ex-footballer Gabriel Batistuta, who went from striker on Argentina's national team to polo player and owner of his own club.

As for the tournament David played, the Copa Zafiro, it was a smaller event that consisted of two rounds. In his debut match, the one he got to play alongside Adolfo Cambiaso, David contributed two goals to the 14-8 victory of his team, called Imperial. In the final, David's team had to make do without Cambiaso but they still won 10-9, thanks to a golden goal scored in extra time. So David's polo debut ended with him, winning his first title, the kind of experience he must have missed (see pic below).
The La Nacion article I've taken the quotes from ends with the words, "that much is clear, while he's moving further away from tennis, he's moving closer to polo." Not yet, hopefully...



  1. thank you Julia for the additionnal photos :)
    one thing is for sure, David has said it many times before : he'll always have something to do when he retires, be it sports, project, business related to his passions, and that's great.
    apart from the polo hat (lol), David looked pretty good in that polo outfit. And really, if one doesn't know him as a tennis player, he can't guess he is haha.

    and with a friend like Cambiaso, David has a good mentor if he really wants to play polo when he retires, not soon hopefully!

  2. I think it would be great if he took up polo after tennis. And as unlikely as it may sound, I have my own ties with polo, having worked for the local club here when I was a teenager. Though that club had very little to do with La Dolfina. lol
    I really like polo, it's just that it's a pretty rough and dangerous sport. So as long as David still plays tennis, I'll just hope he won't fall off his horse and break a leg or an arm, or something...