Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Month until the Copa Argentina

(event website)

There's a wide variety of websites that I use for Vamos David, sites for the current rankings (David is now at #78), for match records and statistics, for interviews and photos, or for weather updates. And I guess those are the kinds of websites most bloggers rely on.
But there's another website that I find myself using again and again, though I wish I didn't have to. That site is for calculating periods of time - usually the the amount of time that has passed since David's last match. In this case, it's now been 76 days, a good two and a half months, since his last official match of the season at Winston-Salem.
But at least it doesn't take a calculator to know how much longer we'll have to wait. A month from now to the day, the 10th anniversary edition of the Copa Argentina will kick off at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis club, home also of the Copa Claro.
For David, it's going to be the ninth time of taking part in this event, having won it on altogether four occasions. I'll be taking a look back at his Copa Argentina history ahead of this year's edition. And there's still enough time until then. In the meantime, if he wants a shot at doing well, David should start training again soon. I'll do my best to you keep you posted. Also, of course, regarding any other news.