Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Uncertainty Continued

(photo by Tamar)
During the last few days, the only news David made was on Twitter, in form of tweets about where he had been spotted. At the races, at the movies, at a Starbucks
- but not on court.
Yesterday, David's foundation held what seems to have been a rather exclusive event at the Estancia Villa Maria on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.
And those who were fourtunate enough to get invited were given the chance to hit a few balls with David after dinner. Tamar was among those who got invited and she took this photo of David, as well as this one of herself, ahead of her turn to hit with him.
A great experience for her and one that I'm sure she must have thoroughly enjoyed.

But while, thanks to Tamar, there's now a couple more photos of David, armed with a racquet and on a tennis court, the actual state of his recovery and with it his chances of playing Stockholm is still a mystery, as apparently this wasn't addressed at the event yesterday.
Right now, the only thing I can say with certainty is that while David's name has by now been officially removed from the entry list for Shanghai, it's still on the list for Stockholm.

Update (04/10)
No news from David but here's Tamar, hitting with him:


  1. Lucky Tamar :)
    So the waiting continues! Well, we are getting good at it, wouldn't you say so ;)
    Not long till Stockholm begins, so we'll know soon

  2. Oh wow, Tamar that must have been an exciting experience. How much of a hit did you get? A few shots?

  3. What a fantastic experience for Tamar! :)

  4. oh lucky Tamar :) great occasion to hit the ball with our El Rey, unforgettable experience :)

    can't wait to see the Stockholm draw and then we'll see :/ even if the draw is out, with David's name on it, I guess we'll have to wait until the last minute to really know.
    Fingers crossed

  5. We'll know when/if he gets on the way to Sweden. ;)
    A clear statement from David or his camp before that would be nice. We'll see.

  6. Yeh tamar lucky that must be really such a special moment!! Yeh fingers crossed he can give us some good news we've been waiting for, just wanna see him playy

  7. Hey, hi to all of you, guys!!! nice to read all this comments :) I've just read all this! Julia, thank you for publishing all! It was a GREAT experience. My dream come true. I really never thought this would happend... this was ten days ago, and i still can't beleive it! You know... i was SO nervous that i played really bad. I have been playing tennis for 7 years, and -as you can see on the vid- i really couldn't hit well... i was so excited!
    Here I have just upload another vid, with points David played with me and with another people, that day (october 2nd):
    This week, also, i will probably upload to facebook a lot of pics a took :) hope you like them too!!