Monday, October 8, 2012

In Place of an Update...

And to show you that I haven't forgotten about VD - but there's very little to blog about for me at the moment. With David still stubbornly refusing to make any news.
Those who seem to have forgotten about their site, or about the rankings pages at least, are the people in charge of the ATP website... Edit: The new rankings are finally out. David's quarterfinal points from Tokyo last year are gone now, he loses ten positions and is now ranked #63. Though at this stage, losing ground in the rankings is only going to matter if he plays another year.

As for the chances of David, returning at Stockholm next week, there's still no definitive statement from him or his camp. There's only "I think Nalbandian will return at Stockholm" from Argentine journalists (e.g. here). But there's also David's name that's still on the entry list, and his photo and name on the tournament website's player page.
In other words, there's no guarantee and no official confirmation but right now, it looks like David is planning to play Stockholm next week. If so, I'd expect him to travel to Sweden later this week, maybe around Thursday. And of course I'll keep an eye out for any news, as well as for possible sightings of David at Ezeiza airport, getting on the way to Europe.
The draw for Stockholm will be released on Saturday - hopefully with David's name in it.


  1. Nalbandian has withdrawn from Stockholm today. I live in sweden and have source from former player and tournament director Jonas Björkman... very sad

  2. It looks he will not play on the tour until 2013 according to a rumor in fuebuena

  3. Confirmed: Nalbandian out of the tour until 2013. His injury got worse.

  4. If he is coming back next year, he's better skip the Australian Open.

  5. Today's complete press comunication (spanish), saying he will return on 2013...


    David Nalbandian anunció hoy que, como consecuencia de no haber recibido el alta médica del desgarro que sufrió en el músculo oblicuo interno izquierdo del abdomen, decidió junto con su equipo de trabajo no participar de la gira indoor europea.
    David tenía, en principio, previsto participar en los torneos de Estocolmo, Valencia y Paris Bercy. Sin embargo, la lesión no era simple ya que el desgarro provocó un pequeño arrancamiento de la inserción sobre la costilla y el cartílogo costal con un pronóstico de entre 6 a 10 semanas.
    "La recuperación de esta lesión se hizo lenta desde el principio y no pude ponerme en forma como para volver al circuito en los plazos que habíamos planificado con mi equipo", se lamentó David.

  6. Thanks Tamar! (had to use Google translation but thanks for the news). But he don't say clearly that he'll be back in 2013, no?

    Same goes for FueBuena
    Hope there's still a chance he'll play in 2013. It'd be sad to just announce his retirement right after he announced his 2012 season is over.

    Poor David :( He must be so frustrated to not be able to play like he wants to :(

  7. Omg this is absolutely shocking news! :'( feel to cry, really hope he plays in 2013 man I wanna see my idol play again. It can't finish now after all these years, one of the most unlucky players on the tour if not the most

  8. About 2013... I asked the same to Bernardo Ballero, David's press boss. This was our chat-dialogue:

    Me - It continues the idea to analize at the end of 2012 if he will continue playing in 2013?
    BB - Really
    Me - So, i still maintain hopes...
    BB - Yes! Don't worry

    So, that's what I know. I personally think that if he recovers well of this injury, he will play 2013 season... hope so!

  9. Thank you, Tamar. Also for the additional words from Ballero. And yeah, I also refuse to believe that he'll let it end like this... But I agree with you, first of all he needs to recover properly. That would surely increase the chances.

    And thanks also to everybody else here for keeping the comments up-to-date.
    What news to wake up to...