Saturday, October 27, 2012

David to Play the Copa Argentina


This year marks the 10th anniversary edition of the Copa Argentina Peugeot de Tenis, also simply known as Copa Argentina. For the first time in the history of the event, it'll be held in cooperation with the AAT. And it was the Argentine federation that published the good news yesterday, spread by Fue Buena (thanks, Guille and Noha) and other journalists:
David is listed as one of the six players, who will take part in this year's Copa Argentina (December 6-9). So he's obviously planning to play the exhibition event at the BALTC again this year, just like he has done every year since 2004.

What this means in the grander scheme of things, I can't really say. As different interpretations would be possible. But for now, I'll take it as a sign that he's making progress with his recovery and that he wants to go back to playing matches. And that's great news.


  1. That's good enough news to me! As you said it means he is making progress with his recovery and hopefully he'll do well.

  2. Yeah, a couple of good matches would be nice. And a season without the Copa Argentina - that just wouldn't be right. :)

    What I'd like to know is whether Gilles Simon's appearance has anything to do with David and IW.

  3. Don't you think this could be his last match of his career with the fact playing at home?

  4. Well, that's what I was referring to with the different interpretations. As that's also a possibility. And we won't know for sure until he says what he's going to do. But I'm cautiously optimistic.

  5. Well you can interpret that as he's planning to play his last match and get done with it, or he's feeling that he's making good progress with his recovery and wants to play a couple of matches to test himself before the start of the new season. I choose the second interpration and I'm heartly hoping that's the case :)

  6. I'd like to choose your second interpretation as well, Camilia :)

    that's some good news for David, and a good way to finish the season in front of "his" crowd, at home :)

    Simon probably missed David so he knew the only way to stay in touch with him is to travel to Buenos Aires lol :)

    Too bad Monfils' season is over, he brought lots of animation last year haha!

  7. David has gone fishing for a couple of days , on holidays... before that he was at Unquillo resting and spending lot of time with friends , playing Futbol , eating barbacues, etc... not much tennis for seems he is taking holidays now and he will start training on december !!

  8. That's what he always does when he gets to spend some time at home, isn't it.
    Well, I'd hope he starts training a bit earlier than December, otherwise he'll have a pretty rough time at the Copa Argentina.