Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rankings & Davis Cup Update

A day later than usual, thanks to another Monday final at the US Open, here's a look at the rankings this week. With his third-round US Open points from last year gone now, David loses four places and is now ranked #49. But that's only the beginning.
In the coming weeks, David will lose further points:
- 65 he gained in the Davis Cup semifinal last year,
- 90 from reaching the quarterfinal at Tokyo and
- 45 from the second round at Shanghai.
Which means that from now until the start of the indoor swing David will lose another 200 ranking points and with them around 30 positions in the rankings (he'll probably end up somewhere in the mid-70s).

The indoor swing is only three weeks this season, not counting in the World Tour Final. The first of those three weeks David will spend at Stockholm, where he'll return to playing on the Tour. That much is already known.

The entry lists for the second week of the indoor swing are out. And David's name is on the list for Valencia. As it turns out, I was bit too optimistic, thinking he'd make the main draw. But it was close - right now, he's on top of the alternate list, one withdrawal away.

But for making the main draw at the Paris Masters, held in the third and last week of the indoor swing, he won't be ranked high enough. Which means that if David wants to play it, he'll need a wildcard from the organisers, or he'll have to play qualies.

Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires the practice sessions at the Parque Roca began yesterday. And the team was presented at a press conference of the new team sponsor - but it was short of one member. Delpo is still having problems with his left wrist and right now, it's not clear whether he'll be able to play the semifinal. Although he wants to. Here's what he tweeted last night:
Because of the pain in the wrist the doctor says I should take a complete rest for two weeks. I'll try and do the impossible to be there against the Czech Rep
In the coming days, he'll decide whether or not he'll risk playing the tie against the advice of his doctors (also known as the David way of doing things). If Delpo can't play it's going to be a very difficult tie for the Argentine team and and it'll probably also get very difficult to keep David from trying to play...


  1. ouch, all these points David's going to lose. Anyway, his health is more important so, hopefully, he'll get to play Basel or Valencia after Stockholm.
    As for Paris, the perfect scenario would be : David is given a wildcard and then goes deep in the tournament :)

    Waiting for DelPo's decision but either way, it'll be tough for the team. Even if he plays, he knows it is against the advice of the doctors, so he can put his own season in danger :/

    Let's hope David will stay courtside no matter what will Delpo's decision be. David needs some handcuffs and a guard to watch him out so he can't play lol

  2. Even a not really fit Delpo in singles would be a completely different matter than Charly or Leo Mayer. I mean, Charly has never played DC before, Leo has never played a home tie at the Parque Roca before and hasn't done too well in DC.
    That said, of course it's entirely up to Delpo to decide whether he'll take that kind of risk. And no one can blame him if he decides against it, given what he's been through before with the wrist surgery he's had.

    And yep, if Delpo doesn't play the only way of stopping David probably will be to lock him up somewhere... ;)

  3. It's all a bit of a disaster. :(
    It sounds as though Delpo really shouldn't play, for similar reasons to why David shouldn't play. But a team without either of those two isn't really a semi-final strength team. No disrespect to Pico intended, but I just don't see him as a "lynchpin" sort of player - not in DC, anyway. If only it was a first round tie, it would probably be great experience for Charly and Leo.
    I just can't see a happy outcome. :(

  4. As much as I like Pico I also don't really see him as a leader. Though I'd be very happy to be proven wrong, of course (if it comes down to it). But yeah, Charly and perhaps also Leo will be thrown in at the deep end, playing a SF tie. And against the Czechs...
    It'll be very, very tough. If they lose, the only positive result could be that David says - one more year, one last try to win DC. But who knows, he could also say - enough is enough.

  5. i think pearl jam wrote a song about davids season
    at least nalbandian regained is position as the greatest to never won a slam thanks to murray

  6. For once, Adam has posted a comment that made me laugh, rather than want to poke my eyeballs out. :)

  7. LOLLL
    I just heard the song and the lyrics does describe David's season, good one

  8. looks like DelPo has decided to play the tie! I've read many tweets about it but still waiting an official announcement...