Saturday, September 8, 2012

Davis Cup Semifinal without David

"An injury can keep him out of the tie.
But it cannot keep him from dreaming of winning the Cup."

In the past, often enough David didn't let injuries keep him from playing Davis Cup. And Argentina's previous captains Luli Mancini and Tito Vázquez never stopped him from risking his health. Martin Jaite, however, who's not only the current captain but also David's former coach, is doing things differently. As tweeted today by Quique Cano:
Confirmed, Nalbandian out of the Davis Cup semifinal. Jaite said to him yesterday he's still recovering from the tear and that he's not planning to rely on him for this tie.
So while in Buenos Aires, the preparations for the semifinal have begun, and from Monday on the team will be training at the Parque Roca, David is back home in Unquillo.
Yesterday, he attended Argentina's World Cup qualification game against Paraguay (thanks, Guille), which took place in Córdoba, and according to a radio journalist who met him at the stadium, David's own summary of the current situation was, "This is really f***ed up." (Source.)

It must've been a severe blow for David to be told that his part in the Davis Cup semifinal will be limited to supporting the team from the stands. At the same time, I cannot help but be relieved that this time, he won't play despite not being fit and that he won't be risking further and possibly more serious injury.


  1. Well said Julia!
    And David's dream to win DC is still alive even if he'll miss the semifinal. Vamos Argentina, the team needs to reach the final! (the final is another story, we have time for it :))

  2. should we get worried? apparently, according to TenisExtra, DelPo will decide on Wednesday if he'll play or not for the semifinal.
    what to think about this :(

  3. Delpo wants to play, his doctor says he shouldn't play. And that he should rest his wrist for two weeks. Delpo will decide tomorrow or Wednesday. If he can't play, well, it's going to get very difficult for the Argentine team...

  4. Oh no... why does this bad luck not end?

  5. I'm also not sure if Jaite can keep David from trying to play in case Delpo can't.

    1. that scenario would be worrisome...
      Wait and see..

    2. I had the same thought, Julia! I keep my fingers crossed that Delpo can play and is in a good form...

  6. In case you're wondering why VD was not accessible for a couple of hours - the servers VD is hosted on were down for a while after a hacker attack on the provider.
    Sorry for that and I'm glad it's working again now.

  7. I was wondering why I couldn't get on. The old 404 deal. What a developing story with Delpo. He seemed fine against Nole. Looks like Andy's going to get Numero Uno.

  8. It is bad luck indead if Delpo can't play and it's still bad luck if he plays when he's not fit to play! I think I'd second David's opinion " This is really f***ed up"!

  9. Yeah, he definitely had/has a point there...