Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Davis Cup Semifinal with Delpo

Whether or not Delpo would play the Davis Cup semifinal tie, that was the question that kept the Argentine media and public busy the last few days. And there was only one, who unwaveringly predicted that he'd play - the Czech Republic's captain Jaroslav Navratil. He told everyone who asked, "Del Potro is going to play". And now we know that he was right with his pessimistic (from his standpoint) prediction.

(Sergio Llamera)
After not training with the team at the Parque Roca the last two days Delpo joined the others today and afterwards confirmed that against the advice from both his doctor and his team, he'll play the semifinal tie, due to start in two days. His wrist isn't any better but he'll "make every effort" and he's going to play "for the people" (source).

This means that Delpo, as Argentina's #1, will face the Czech Republic's #2, in all probability Radek Stepanek, on Friday. While conversely, Pico will play against Tomas Berdych.
On Saturday, Edu and Charly Berlocq will meet Berdych and Stepanek in the doubles.
And on Sunday, the reverse singles will first see Delpo up against Berdych and then Pico against Stepanek.
- Or at least, that's what it looks like right now. More about the tie and the match-ups tomorrow, after the draw ceremony (which is scheduled for 10.30am local).

No news from David at the moment. Only that according to the Spanish news site, it's a done deal that he'll receive a wildcard for Valencia (in case there are no withdrawals).


  1. awww DelPo, he wants to play against the advice of the doctors. I hope it won't put his wrist into more danger...
    (and I'm relieved for David, who can rely on DelPo now, knowing that he'll do his best)

    that's a good news for Valencia :) though we'll get to watch Ferrero's last tournament :( another retirement...

  2. Delpo has turned into David! :0

    I was watching some highlights of the QF tie last night, and Delpo's reaction at winning made me think back to 2008/9, when there was all the speculation/criticism that he wasn't that much into DC. Whether that was true or not, I think it means a lot to him these days.

    Like Mira, I just hope that "doing a David" doesn't cost Delpo in terms of injury. I think having him in the team will spur the others on even if he can't be on top form himself - as we were saying before, without him OR David, they could be a bit of a "rudderless ship".

    I wish I could go to Valencia to see David and Juanqui. Hope they don't play each other!

  3. Yep, maybe Delpo has turned into David. It's good to see. I think his team dictated more of these decisions in the past. Now, he's more his own man. I saw his match against Nole and he played very well. You certainly couldn't tell if his wrist was bothering him or not. He lost because Nole played lights out.