Thursday, September 13, 2012

Davis Cup Semifinal Draw

(Cancha Llena)

So here it is, the schedule and with it the match-ups for the Davis Cup semifinal tie. For those who want to follow the matches (like David will), on Friday and Sunday play starts at 10.45am local (2.45pm GMT/9.45am EST). While the doubles on Saturday will begin at 12.30pm local (4.30pm GMT/11.30am EST).

Juan Martin Del Potro vs Radek Stepanek
They've played doubles together a few times on the Tour (for example last year at the Queen's Club, where they beat David and Andy Roddick). In singles, they've met four times so far and it's Stepanek, who leads 3-1 in terms of the match record. A lead that includes their most recent meeting, which took place at Toronto, though it has to be said that Delpo seemed rather tired coming straight from the Olympics.

Juan Monaco vs Tomas Berdych
It's going to be a tough match for Pico against Berdych, who's the Czech #1 of course, as well as an opponent Pico has never managed to beat in the course of their five previous encounters. Still, the closest match they've had so far took place in Davis Cup, in the quarterfinal 2009 in Ostrava, where Pico took Berdych to five sets.

Carlos Berlocq & Eduardo Schwank vs Ivo Minar & Lukas Rosol
Though officially it says that Minar and Rosol will play, it's safe to say that these two won't be the team that Edu and Charly will find themselves up against in the doubles. Berdych and Stepanek have contested every doubles rubber since the beginning of 2009 and since then, they've lost only once. In other words, it's one of the most experienced and most successful Davis Cup doubles teams that Edu and Charly will have to deal with. In the match that will mark Charly's Davis Cup debut.

Juan Martin Del Potro vs Tomas Berdych
The fourth rubber, the first match on the final day of the tie, traditionally belongs to the #1 players. For Delpo and Berdych this will be their altogether seventh meeting, with the match record standing at 4-2 in Delpo's favour. Those four victories include their first Davis Cup encounter (quarterfinal 2009), which Delpo won in straights.

Juan Monaco vs Radek Stepanek
In the event of a live fifth rubber, it'll be up to the #2 players to decide the outcome of the tie. It's not a particularly good record that Pico has against Stepanek (2-4). But when they met on clay for the first time, earlier this season at Rome, Pico scored a fairly easy victory over him.


  1. thank you Julia, yeah the pair Berdych/Stepanek will definitely play together on Saturday!

    our mission this weekend is to spot David in the stands, no doubt Argentine television will show him very often :D Julia, you can prepare your big arrows in case they don't have close-ups (but I think we'll see him easily lol)

    1. Yeah, I think we'll get to see him. Without the need for big red arrows... :)

  2. Strange to see JMDP play against the advice from doctors, I mean after what he's been through and injuries keeping him far from courts for more than a year? Seriously? Weird...
    On the other hand it’d be sadly ironic to have Argentina finally win Davis cup without nalby playing neither the semifinal nor the final

  3. David has done the same thing at least four times. The last time at the cost of an additional surgery. I really hope that Delpo's plan of getting through the tie and then resting afterwards is going to work out.
    But I don't think that David will miss the final if they get there. Why should he?

    1. Hi Julia.
      I think that unfortunately nalby’s present injury might be the last straw that broke the camel's back, and that his body had enough. He won't come back, at least not at a decent level allowing him to play for his country.
      But hey what do I know? I'm just speculating here. And I hope I’m wrong you know...

      Anyway, nice blog!

    2. I've explained it before, this is a typical injury for David - that comes at the worst possible moment. I can't say what the consequences will be for his career. Or how much of it is left. There's plenty of uncertainties at this stage.
      But there's one thing I know. If they make it through to the final then David will do whatever it takes to get in shape for it. He'll be there, and even if it might "only" be the doubles - he'll play for his country.

      And thanks.

    3. So keeping everything crossed for today and weekend! I hope that the guys rock it and that Delpo's injury doesn't get worsened! Vamos!

    4. Sorry I wanted to add a new comment but clicked on reply, it seems... my fingers seem to be already nervous :-).