Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Davis Cup Draw 2013


It's one of the traditions in Davis Cup: The week after the semifinals, the draw gets made for the following year. An important date for David, shaping his plans, his schedule and probably also his expectations for the next season.
- Or at least, that's how it used to be.
This time, nobody knows whether David will play another season, another year of Davis Cup.
In the words of Martin Jaite:
We have to wait and see what David decides about his future. He has been a leader these last few years and it depends on whether he continues to play, or not. If he wants to, he'll be part of the team.
In other words, Jaite as well doesn't know yet whether or not David will go on playing. David probably doesn't know yet, himself. But just in case, here's the Davis Cup draw 2013.
Argentina has been drawn into the bottom half (* indicates home team):

Israel vs France*

Germany vs Argentina*

Austria vs Kazakhstan*

Switzerland* vs Czech Republic

Another Davis Cup season, another first-round tie against Germany for Argentina, only that next year (February 1-3) they'll meet at the Parque Roca. In the quarterfinal, Argentina would have another home tie against France but would have to travel to Israel. While another possible semifinal against the Czech Republic would of course mean an away tie for Argentine, this time.


  1. ah! a home tie for the first-round is good for Argentina. A quarterfinal against France, even at home, is a threat, but they can do it. In semifinal, that's another story with, I'm sure, some drama that'll go with it. All of this is still far though...
    I really hope David will play another season, I hope the motivation is still there...

  2. Yeah, always good to start with a home tie. And in case Federer plays and the Swiss team gets to the SF then that would also be a home tie for Argentina.
    But the big question is of course a different one...

    By the way (and though things like that can always still change), according to Danny Miche there'll be another international guest at the Copa Argentina - Tommy Haas.

  3. Ah, a home tie with Germany. Are you making plans yet, Julia? Funny that just Sunday there was a great travel story in the local newspaper about Buenos Aires. That got me thinking before I even knew about the tie. Hmmm? Hope David can get in as much tennis as possible this fall to make his decision to keep playing easy.

  4. Well, right now David is making it a bit difficult for me to plan ahead. Also in terms of VD...
    Though Buenos Aires, as much as I want to go one day, is out of the question for me, anyway.

    1. Why it is out of the question for you,its because its too far or you have things to do or other reason?, its just a curious question

    2. Far away and pretty expensive. It would also be very difficult for me to take a 2-3 week holiday... Well, some day. Hopefully. :)

    3. Well if you ever had the chance, come visit us(im from there) you wont be sorry xd.

  5. Im reading on twitter that for now David is planing to play 2013 but choosing his schedule wisely.I used google translate so I dont know if I really understood what he meant, guess it means hes not gonna be playing a lot of tournaments.

  6. This is what one Argentine journalist/blogger (someone I haven't heard of before) has been spreading. Namely that David will play next season, that he'll focus entirely on DC and will play only a few selected events outside of it.

    But this has not been confirmed, and nobody else, no news site and none of the sources I know to be well-informed and reliable is reporting it.

    Don't get me wrong, I really hope it turns out to be true. But with a matter as hugely important and as sensitive as this, I'm only going to post info that I can be sure is correct.

  7. yeh ive been hearing a lot of rumours on twitter, was gettin sooo happy but don't know if its true until it gets official. yeh and there are things that he hasnt ruled out 2014 either, but dont know if any of it is ture, fingers crossed

    Nalbandian ya está haciendo tenis. Hoy a la mañana entrenó en Córdoba, con la colaboración de su hermano Javier. Cortesía de @FerGrisolia en Twitter....

  9. Thanks anonymous
    Guys you know how I speak no Spanish at all? Those days everytime I see anything in Spanish with David's name on it, I just freak out (Have he made a decision while I was busy studying)! If you know what I mean!

    1. I know what you mean. ;) But if it was official that he had made his decision, it would be big news and all over the Argentine media.

  10. already making tenisz. This morning trained in Córdoba, in collaboration with his brother Javier. Courts on Twitter @ FerGrisolia ...

  11. Yep, David started training at the Ines Gorrochategui Academy yesterday. The photo is by the Academy and they've taken a couple more.
    Post about that and about the next few weeks coming up.