Saturday, September 15, 2012

David's Press Conference Yesterday & Doubles Day Today

Together, they were too strong for Edu and Charly: Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek have won the doubles rubber 6-3, 6-4, 6-3, giving the Czech Republic a 2-1 lead after the second day.
So Argentina will have to win both singles rubbers tomorrow in order to reach the final.
Edit: Martin Jaite has confirmed that Delpo won't play tomorrow (source). Charly Berlocq will replace him.

Meanwhile in Gijon, the American team won the first point against Spain, as the Bryan brothers beat Granollers & Lopez.

It was towards the end of the second set of Delpo's match against Radek Stepanek yesterday that David and Chucho Acasuso (and David's physio Claudio Galasso) took their places courtside. They were temporarily joined by Gaston Gaudio, who was honoured in the course of a brief ceremony between the matches. And Guillermo Coria was there as well, as a co-commentator for Argentine TV. A touch of the good old days of La Legion.
Gabriela Sabatini and Diego Maradona were present too, along with other Argentine celebrities. But David was the only one who gave his own press conference (during Pico's match). Which led to some speculations about a certain, important announcement he might want to make...
But David also gave a press conference last year during the quarterfinal tie that he couldn't play. And so there was no important announcement but a general update from David, himself.

About the semifinal tie and having to follow it from the stands:
It's strange to be out [of the tie]. It's not the best feeling to have but these things happen.
There are injuries that make you miss [a tie] and it's a shame. But I've come here to support the boys. We have to try and win this very tough tie.
It's a very tough tie. It's going to be a long weekend with difficult matches. Nothing is guaranteed. Hopefully we'll make it through and the team wil be fine for the future.
 About Delpo's match:
It's a point that we expected [him to win] because on paper it was predictable, although there was some uncertainty because of the injury. I think that Juan Martin didn't play his best but he won and I hope that he'll be okay to play the [fourth] rubber on Sunday because it's going to be crucial, for sure.
 About his injury and the recovery:
The tear is bigger than we expected. We tried to speed up the process with the doctors and the coaches but I'm still a long way away from picking up a racquet and training like I would've had to for this weekend. So I had to discard [that idea].
Right now, my recovery is slow and stable, without much trouble. I'm far from being able to train normally. But the Davis Cup final is still a long way away. So if I get the chance I hope that I'll be ready for that moment. (Source.)

I still can't go on a court and play a little tennis. Hopefully next week. (Source.)
About the future:
At the end of the year, I'm going to evaluate how I feel and I'll see what I want to do. Right now, I still want to compete. (Source.)
Which is the same he has been saying for a while now, so no news on this particular front. But at least he also doesn't sound more pessimistic, despite the injury.

At the Parque Roca, it's time for the doubles rubber today. And as the Czech captain Jaroslav Navratil already confirmed yesterday (though it was clear all along), Edu and Charly will be up against Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek.
The doubles starts at 12.30pm local (4.30pm GMT/11.30am EST).


  1. I was very nervous when you mentioned that press conference, Julia. :0

    The SFs are being shown on Eurosport for once - a channel I have on my tv - so I'm recording it to watch when I get home. Typical that they start doing that just when David isn't playing.

    Oh, so close to 2-0 after yesterday :(
    I think if they had been, it would have inspired the doubles pair and maybe they could have gone on to a 3-0 win. As it is, they're now going to feel a lot of pressure.

    Let's hope they're up to it. The crowd will help. Edu had David as the "boss" of the team when they played together. I'm not sure how it will be with him and Charly, as Edu is the one with DC (& Grand Slam final) experience. I have the impression (from things like Twitter and Olympic stuff) that they get on very well.

  2. Had he said anything dramatic in the press conference I would've posted it yesterday. ;)

  3. Vamos Edu and Charly! crucial point needed!

    glad this interview was "simply" a general update, it's cool that David makes himself available for interviews everytime he's in Argentina :)

  4. I was thinking it was gonna be the opposite but it seems to me that Berlocq is the calmer right now of the 2.

  5. Yehh its good hes not rulin out playin next year. U never know yet. Good he still wants to compete and hope he carries on this desire. Come on u argiesss

  6. The news on twitter arent too optimistic about Delpo playing.I checked Berlocqs record against Berdych, its 0-2, but there were a lot of close sets.So maybe he can pull something off.

  7. waiting and hoping that DelPo will play tomorrow. His wrist is probably really in pain though...
    all of this doesn't sound good for the team :(