Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back on the Practice Court

(Inés Gorrochategui Tennis Academy/FB)

At his press conference during the Davis Cup semifinal, David said he was hoping to return to the practice court next week, i.e. this week. And yesterday, he finally did. Accompanied by his physio Claudio Galasso and supervised by his brother Javier (seen here with him) David trained on the hardcourts at the Inés Gorrochategui Academy in Villa Allende, his usual training grounds when he's at home. Practicing, like he usually does, with a junior player.

So David is training again, getting ready for what's left of the season. But what exactly is left of the season for him? Ahead of the Davis Cup semifinal, the news came that David wouldn't be travelling to Shanghai for the Masters event, due to start in two weeks. Right now, his name is still on the entry list. But apparently, as reported before, he's not planning to play Shanghai but to make his comeback a week later at Stockholm (source)
After that, David will be playing Valencia (apparently with a wildcard if there are no withdrawals; he still is the first alternate on the entry list at the moment). That much is fairly certain. But whether or not David is going to play the Paris Masters I can't say at this point. His name is on the entry list but so far down on the list of alternates that he'd have to play qualies to get in, unless he gets a wildcard.

Finally, a few words about the news that was spread on Twitter this week (it's also been mentioned in the comments). Namely that David will play next year, a selection of events he'll choose and that he hasn't made any decision or immediate plans for retiring.
As much as I hope that it turns out to be true and David plays another year there's no confirmation for this. If there was, it would make headlines all over the Argentine press. But there are no headlines of the sort and none of the sources I know to be reliable is reporting it.
As for the second part, that David hasn't made any definitive plans about retiring is what he has been saying for months now. Most recently a week ago at the press conference he held at the Parque Roca. - No decision yet, he'll decide at the end of the year, after the season is over. That's the official version. And when it comes to news as hugely important as this, I'm going to rely on the official version, coming from David, himself.

(Inés Gorrochategui Tennis Academy/FB)


  1. Thanks for the update Julia! I always trust what you write here and that's when I see rumors on twitter or facebook, I come immediately here to check for verification ;)

  2. Thanks for trusting what I write. :) And yeah, I try my best to make VD a reliable site.
    Could David and his camp make things a whole lot easier by publishing news for example via the official site - yep. Is it going to happen - nope. The "adventure" continues... ;)

  3. Apart from training again, David (and Javier) paid a visit to a Harley Davidson meeting today. Here's a pic of "Biker Dave".

    1. It would have been a great pic if he was smiling but he's really focusing on what I assume is a bike :)

    2. True bikers don't smile. ;)
      Though I have to say I think he looks pretty cool in that pic.

    3. oh wow Biker Dave is so cool in that outfit, and look at those shades :D
      no wonder he always says he'll have tons of things to do when he retires, he clearly knows how to have fun :)

  4. Happy to hear he's planning to play Valencia - he will be there for Juan Carlos Ferrero's farewell party.

  5. Julia How about this one?

  6. Yeah, I've heard about that, Vilas saying he wants to be DC captain. Well, he certainly knows a thing or two about drama on the team. After all, he and Clerc were legendary for it...
    Apparently, the AAT bosses don't want him to be captain. But even if he gets to be one day, it's not going to affect David. If David plays another year then it'll be with Jaite as captain.

    The funny thing about this particular article is the typo in the photo caption: "David" instead of "Davis". An absolute classic (also here on VD)... ;)

  7. "Vilas wants to be captain of the Davis."
    For ESPN DEPORTE Tenis
    Julia for H