Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Brief Recovery Update

Update (07/09)
So now we once more have the kind of situation, where different sources are saying different things. In this case, about David's current state and the progress of his recovery.
According to Danny Miche, David's injury hasn't been getting better so far, he's still in pain and contrary to what Ballero told Telam, David has not yet started doing any physical work.
- Who's right, or closer to the truth? I'd tell you if I could.
Edit: And there's more news via Miche (confirmed by Clarin, who add that David is still "hoping for a miracle" that would allow him to play the semifinal tie):
Nalbandian cancels the Asian swing (Tokyo and Shanghai) and will make his return at the indoor events.
David's name wasn't on the entry list for Tokyo (and he wouldn't have needed a wildcard to get into the main draw), so I'm not quite sure whether he was planning to play it in the first place. But in any case, this means that David's next tournament will now probably be Stockholm, five weeks from now.

On Saturday, captain Martin Jaite and vice-captain Mariano Zabaleta will start their "training camp" for the upcoming semifinal tie against the Czech Republic. With Pico, Edu, Charly Berlocq and Leo Mayer, as well as junior player Diego Schwartzmann, who has been chosen as hitting partner. While Delpo's arrival in Buenos Aires will of course depend on how far he gets at the US Open.

Meanwhile, it looks like David has by now made it past the initial stage of painkillers and not moving too much. Still, recuperating from the tear in his left abdominal oblique muscle is apparently taking its time, as David's spokesman Bernardo Ballero told Argentine news agency Telam today:
The recovery is slow. Yesterday, there were new tests and David is working constantly with his kinesiological team, led by Diego Rodriguez.
But even though Jaite decided against nominating David for the semifinal, the speculations continue about David, perhaps still recovering in time to play the tie. As the line-up could still be changed up until the very last minute. And although the recovery process is "slow", the following statement from Ballero doesn't necessarily sound like David has resigned himself just yet to watching the semifinal from the sidelines:
It's all going to depend on the progress [he makes]. Right now, it seems very difficult.
Whether there's a realistic chance (or rather, the danger) that David might still try to play the doubles, I can't say. But I hope that Jaite will stay true to his word - every player has to be at one hundred percent.


  1. Yeah, I hope Jaite stays true to his word, too. No time for heroics. What we need is performance. Charly or Leo and Edu will work just fine. I don't know how Leo and Edu pair, but Leo is playing very well right now. His serve really bothered Delpo the other day. Speaking of Delpo, what a class move when he turned the stage over to Roddick after defeating Andy yesterday. Maybe Berdych will win the U.S. Open and have nothing left for the DC semis. That's an outcome that wouldn't bother me a bit.

  2. It'll be all about finding the best team for this very special kind of match and scenario. In the past, Leo had some problems with DC. And Edu/Charly are much more experienced as a doubles. - We'll see.
    But yeah, classy from Delpo. Just like when he ended Marat's career, he did the same thing back then.
    And yep, a happy, elated but totally tired Berdych would be fine by me. ;)

  3. I saw David a the Argentina-Paraguay football match,this might be a stupid comentary,but he looked sad.

  4. Oh poor David! Whatever the truth is, looking sad sounds not good and it has to be very difficult for him but I hope he can bounce back strong!