Monday, August 20, 2012

Rankings Update

David's opponent tomorrow will be Robin Haase (#46 as of this week), who defeated Nikolay Davydenko 6-2, 6-3. The order of play is out as well: David's match will be the third one on Court 2, for which there is a stream.

Ahead of the Winston-Salem Open, which will start for David tomorrow, here's a look at the  rankings. His first-round exit at Cincy (where he made the second round, last year) means that David loses 35 points and six positions in the rankings so that he's now ranked #45.

At Winston-Salem, David's first opponent (in the second round tomorrow) will be determined today in the match between Nikolay Davydenko and Robin Haase. Their encounter is scheduled as the third match on Center Court.
Meanwhile, David is busy on the practice courts. And if you look closely, you can spot him:



  1. oh I see him! David's in green right? arrow needed lol
    but it's great to see him apparently spending lots of time on practice courts :)

  2. Yep, wearing his green Topper shirt. :) (I thought about adding another gigantic arrow... lol)
    And yeah, apparently he's training a lot. At least, that's what those people are tweeting who went there to watch.

  3. Actually it wasn't even kind of hard to spot him, i immediately noticed the green shirt before zooming the photo lol, and i think thats Niemenen in the red shirt. Btw i thought they weren't to broadcast the tournament before the QFs, i noticed streams for 2 courts on LSH, so i guess we'll see David play tomorrow, he'll surely play on one of the televised courts.

  4. Those coverage restrictions you get with 500 events, not with 250s. ;) But yeah, it's great that there are streams for two courts. And I'm sure we'll get to see David play.
    As for the pic, I thought that it was possible to spot him without the help of a big arrow so I didn't put one on it in the end. :)
    And yep, it's Nieminen in the red shirt.

  5. Yea, and it's not like he has a 100 different T-shirts he practices with lol

  6. and as I've seen Haase's tape, he also lists Kolya as his 3 toughest opponents, so has a chance to meet 2 of them in a row

  7. Yeah, he apparently also likes Kolya's game. I mean, he mentions him as one of his toughest opponents but he has a 1-1 match record against him.

  8. Hello everyone :-), I'm happy to be back after my Spain holiday (yes it was very hot there, but also very great)!
    I followed everything concerning David (I couldn't post because my internet access was mb limited in Spain, but I read everything you guys wrote), even it wasn't fantastic news the most... Very good that he got the WC and seems to want to improve and get his game working better. Hopefully he can have one or more wins here for his confidence.
    So greetings to you all and vamos to David :-)!

  9. Glad to hear that you had a great time - and that you still kept up with what was happening here on VD. Welcome back! :)

  10. welcome back Mina ;)

    thanks for the update Julia, the craziness of the timezone difference with USA has already begun haha! not much time to get used to it during Cincinnati tournament. US Open is so near now...
    I hope Haase will be a little bit impressed by David... as a fellow fan hehe.

  11. Welcome back Mina :)
    Lately I've been reading the posts more than posting. I read the posts while on the bus but it's hard for me to read the verfication codes on my mobile, so I don't post!

  12. I can't post the verification codes on my mobile at all. :(

  13. I wish we could do without them...