Friday, August 31, 2012

Injury Update & Martin Jaite on David and the Semifinal

Until now, the news situation concerning David's injury was that he had already begun the recovery process by means of kinesiological exercises. But according to a new article, at the moment David's rehabilitation seems to mainly consist of medication and trying not to move.
Olé cites a source from David's camp:
The tear is causing him a lot of pain, it hurts even if he just says hi. We're going to evaluate the development on a day-to-day basis. We have to wait until the area has healed. Right now, he's taking painkillers.
The objective is to take away the pain. He'll continue with the rehabilitation process but we cannot say when he'll be ready to pick up a racquet again.
Which really doesn't sound too promising, two weeks ahead of the Davis Cup semifinal.

Speaking of which, in a new interview with Clarin, Argentina's Davis Cup captain Martin Jaite (seen here at the US Open) talks about the current situation of the team, including David and his injury. He reveals that David's decision to pull out of the US Open didn't come until Tuesday morning, when apparently the last bit of hope was gone. And he also confirms that he'll announce his team nominations for the semifinal tie next Monday.
Jaite: We have to wait and see how things develop with David. This setback means that we had to wait a little but on Monday, we're going to announce the team.

Q: You still have time until Tuesday.

Jaite: Tuesday is the last day but Monday or Tuesday won't make a difference. Afterwards, we can still change [the line-up] up until an hour before the draw ceremony. It would be good if all the players would be available until then. Those who were part of the team against Croatia, as well as those who were not. They all want to play.

Q: You spoke to David before he left for Buenos Aires. What was your impression of him?

Jaite: He was calm. He was in pain. I think nobody foresaw this kind of setback. But he was okay, he wanted to get to Argentina to begin with the treatment as quickly as possible, to see if he might be able to play. Obviously, nobody likes to miss a Grand Slam but setbacks like that happen to tennis players.

Q: Berlocq already knew that he's going to be the fifth [player to get nominated], that's what he told us.

Jaite: No, I wouldn't nominate a fifth player. We talked to Charly on Sunday. Before we knew that about David. David came to talk to us on Monday night, he said he'd wait and see how he was on Tuesday morning. At that moment, it was maybe just a contracted muscle. And to Charly we talked ahead of that because we wanted to explain to him why he wouldn't be among the four [players to get nominated]. That we'd go with the same team like against Croatia and that in case there was a setback he might be an option for us. But he's not the fifth player. If he's there he'll work with the team. Leo Mayer as well. And it's good that way.

Q: What if David only just makes it...

Jaite: David doesn't have to only just make it. Because that wouldn't be good for the team, and also not for him. If he recovers he'll be on the team, if not... Every player has to be at one hundred percent.
Whether David will be at one hundred percent two weeks from now seems highly doubtful, to say the least. But the question still is whether he might try to play (and if Jaite will let him) if he's at a little or much less than one hundred percent.


  1. That doensn't sound promising at all. Poor David those injuries are so painful and those painkillers aren't 100% effective :(

  2. I'm afraid David won't be at 100% for the DC weekend...
    the tear sounds really painful, he might as well stay courtside :( and hope the team will be able to make it to the final..

  3. At least Delpo confirmed last night that he's definitely going to play, adding that it was always clear that he would.

  4. thats good news indeed, the face that Delpo will play the tie, with him and Monaco, well a win is much more possible, then Maybe David plays the Final, hopefully :)

  5. Nalby is actually weaker than Monaco when it comes to contributions towards single matches.

    Yeah apparently 2011 season is over for him (except the possibility of playing doubles in the DC final, if that happens).

    I just can't believe he only won 1 match in the second half of 2012...

    So this is the 4th consecutive year that he plays on a 'part-time' basis. It seems the injuries will never come to an end...

  6. 1st of all,it's Davis Cup, Nalby weaker in the singles competition than Monaco ?!?!
    And who told you nalby will skip the rest of the 2012 season ??and even playing anything in DC is less likely.
    And this year he didn't play part-time, this was his 1st injury of the season, he lost because of bad draws and bad lucks, he was doing just great before Queens.

  7. Yeah, Noubar. Good questions. I think the anonymous poster here sounds very fatalistic. I'll add this, both David and Pico have contributed one singles win in DC this year. Okay, David also lost a singles rubber. But to put it as generally as this calls for a mention of the overall DC singles records. David is at 23-6, while Pico is at 7-7.

    It's true, the 2011 season is indeed over for him. But not the 2012 one. Part-time basis? He has played three events more this year than he usually would or did before hip surgery. And even if this kind of injury isn't new for David, it's still the first one, this year. It comes at a terrible time for him. But it doesn't mean the season is over or that he shouldn't be allowed to still have his dreams and goals - I think.

  8. Can't really believe David will play DC. There's no way he will be at 100 percent. I've been noticing quite a few baseball players coming up with oblique injuries. There's a guy on the Colorado Rockies who strained his right oblique on August 18 and has been out ever since, and probably won't play again this season which finishes at the end of September. And that's a strain, not a tear. Leo Mayer played very well against Delpo yesterday. If the big guy wasn't at the top of his game, Leo would have taken a least one set, and maybe two.

  9. Yeah, I think the SF tie is unrealistic. Something that David has probably realised by now. But it's still a month until the next event where he's on the entry list (and now in the main draw), Shanghai.

    I'm still waiting for news about the team nominations that Jaite said he'd announce today. But nothing so far.

  10. Yeah, I hope he doesn't try to be Superman and play. Actually, I don't think Jaite would let him. It would be great if David's mates pull out the win, and he is 100 percent for Shanghai. Then a good fall season and a DC win for Argentina in November.

  11. Yep, that would be the perfect scenario... :)
    And yeah, it's not like he hasn't done it before, playing DC when he shouldn't have. But Charly could play the doubles with Edu.