Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's Ahead

Update (05/07)
Here's a video of David, practicing today at the Inés Gorrochategui Academy in Villa Allende, around the corner from Unquillo. So he's indeed at home at the moment.


Hi there, everybody - I'm back and so is Vamos David. :)
Who isn't back yet, well, that's David. After making international headlines of the not exactly desirable sort, he's currently taking a break, also from the media. And that means - no news of any kind. So I can only speculate that he's probably still at home in Unquillo right now. Reviewing, perhaps, his season so far (something I intend to do in a future post). And he'll definitely be trying to recharge his batteries, gathering strength for what's to come...
It's still more than three weeks until the Olympics and I can't say whether in the meantime, there's going to be much to report. But once this current pause ends busy times are ahead, with a packed schedule for David from the Olympics all the way through to the Davis Cup semifinal in September. Here's a look at what's ahead.

London Olympics
Four years ago, David and the rest of the Argentine team had to travel to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. This year, he'll be going back to where he came from
- Wimbledon. Only that this time, he won't have to wear white, all matches will be best-of-three (except the final) and apart from singles, David will also be playing doubles with Edu Schwank, who, after learning about the ITF invitation, tweeted the following:
Lost for words after finding out that David and I have received an invitation to play the Olympic Games!!! More than happy!!! just that!!! a dream!

US Hardcourt Swing
Directly after the Olympics, the US (or, more accurately, the North American) hardcourt swing will start for David at the Rogers Cup, the Canadian Masters event that will be held in Toronto this year. At the moment, David is two withdrawals (or a wildcard) away from the main draw. But a couple of withdrawals are to be expected.

From Toronto it's then straight on to the second Masters, leading up to the US Open - Cincinnati. Which is not exactly David's favourite Masters event but thanks to the bigger draw (compared to the Rogers Cup) he already has his place in the main draw. After Cincy, David will get a week off ahead of the big one...

As always, this part of the season will culminate in the US Open (August 27 - September 9), the Slam that David has played more often than any of the other Slams and that he only missed in 2009 (for obvious reasons). Whether David might have a chance of being seeded at the US Open will depend on his results until then. Though especially Toronto and Cincy could be a chance for him to gain points and improve his ranking as he has only few points to defend at both of them.

Davis Cup Semifinal
After the US Open, for David it'll then be straight over to Buenos Aires for the Davis Cup semifinal tie against the Czech Republic (September 14-16). And after playing on grass and hardcourt, that will mean playing on clay. Whether captain Martin Jaite is going to rely on David for playing singles on the first day, or whether David will play the doubles with Edu Schwank and then perhaps the fifth rubber - we'll see.

So that's what's ahead in the coming weeks and months. - A lot. And that's why David is taking a break at the moment. The next three weeks will probably be somewhat uneventful. But after that...


Last but not least, Istabraq's photos from Wimbledon, of David's match against Tipsarevic but also of him, warming up with Juan Carlos Ferrero (and sharing a laugh with Jelena Jankovic) you can now view on the Photo Page.

Here, I'd like to take a moment to thank Istabraq and Denise for the great photos they've taken and for allowing me to post them here on VD. Thank you both!


  1. Welcome back Julia! I have one week left till the summer holiday starts! Can't wait for the Olympics to start. I'm glad I'll still be home for it cuz the time difference will only be 3 hours!

  2. Hi there. :)
    Well, my holidays are over now... Though it looks like I'll have another three weeks of holidays when it comes to VD. We'll see if there's going to be more from David than the occasional training pic or clip.
    The Olympics, well, what I remember from Beijing is that it wasn't always easy to find streams. I really hope that's going to be different this time. Don't really know what to expect...

  3. I hear what you are saying don't know what to expect either! I believe I did watch some tennis last time but I can't remember was it on TV or a stream! I have such a bad memory!

  4. I don't think any of it was on TV here. At least definitely not David's matches. I remember having to rely on all kinds of dodgy streams with the commentary ranging from Romanian and Italian to Arabic... It was a multi-cultural experience. :)

    And I remember watching the opening ceremony, looking for David as the Argentine team entered the stadium... Just had a look and found this screencap I took back then... lol

  5. lol I like the way the big arrows are bigger than the guys themselves :p
    Arabic is my native tongue but I still prefer English commentary cuz growing up when they showed tennis matches they didn't have Arabic commentary but since the whole live streaming thing started I learnt to listen to all different languages that I don't understand a word of but still enjoy the match :p

  6. The early version of this one ... ;)
    Well, on TV is was always German commentary for me. And only when I started watching streams I started watching tennis "in English". And that's what I'm used to now because of TTV and DC TV. But whenever it's other languages I actually prefer those I don't understand at all. Makes it easier to not get distracted by it. :)
    But now that I get the chance, could I ask you something? I remember how back in 2008, the Arabic commentator kept repeating something that sounded like "moontez" - what does that mean?

  7. julia moontez it means excellent

  8. lol I love your sense of humor Julia

    Julia and Adam it's "Moomtaz" not "moontez" but you are right Adam it means excellent. Are you an Arab Adam or do you just know Arabic?

    1. Ah, I see. Thanks. :)
      And gosh, did that commentator love to say it... lol

  9. Nice post on what's ahead, Julia. Since David didn't listen to the suggestions of myself and several other VD followers about playing at Newport, I guess we'll just have to deal with his incommunicado respite. Hope they can get the Wimbledon grass green in time for the Olympics. Haven't really heard much about David's kicking episode, so I think maybe it's become just a footnote. That's as it should be, since David's such a mild mannered fellow. Yeah, right!

    1. The kicking incident is old news ;) Now the rage is Andy being the first Brit in a Wimbledon final since forever but unfortunately he didn't win. I really felt sorry for him specially when cried :(

    2. Thanks, John. But well, the chances of David, playing Newport were zero. It was clear that he'd use this opportunity to take a break and head back home. After all, he has been talking about how the season is taking its toll on him.
      So yep, a respite it is now for him and whether it'll remain to be an incommunicado one - we'll see.
      Mild-mannered... yep. lol

      Yeah, camilia, it has become old news by now. As all incidents/dramas like this one do, sooner or later.
      I felt sorry for Murray too.

  10. The season is ALREADY taking its toll? Wow! We're a little bit over halfway in! Wonder what the rest will be like. The limp-along plan? Hope not.

  11. He needs those pauses in-between, as he has explained before. And even more so in this case because of what's ahead - as listed in the post.

  12. Hi everyone!
    I hope this time we'll have some streams for tennis at Olympics and maybe see David...
    I did not see any tennis on TV 4 years ago, and didn't know enough how to search streams lol.
    Looking forward to the opening ceremony, hope we'll see the Argentine team in details! Julia, your pic of 4 years ago is great, I didn't see David distinctly back then, just Calleri lol.

  13. I think I only managed to find a stream for David's third-round match at Beijing, the one he lost to Monfils. That was it. We can only hope that the coverage of the tennis event will be better, as in more extensive, this time around.
    As for the cap, I just kept hitting the screencap button as soon as I spotted Calleri... :)

  14. Are there no ranking points awarded for the Olympics?

  15. Gold: 750
    Silver: 450
    Bronze: 340
    SF: 270
    QF: 135
    R16: 70
    R32: 35
    R64: 5

  16. It is sad he lost between 150 and 250 points from Queens, and this might also have an impact on his possibility of being seeded for US Open.

    Let's hope he will be drawn to play some "weaker" seeded players like Almagro/Nishikori/etc. in the first round of Olympics. It would be great if he ends up winning bronze (a very wild dream) in both singles and doubles!!!

  17. Well, losing those points was the direct consequence of what he did in the final...