Monday, July 9, 2012

Rankings Update

As it's the Monday after Wimbledon, here's a brief look at the rankings after the third Slam of the season. David's first-round exit has cost him 80 ranking points (since he reached the third round last year) and one position in the rankings. So as of this week, David is now ranked #41.

- And that's it for news at the moment. Whether David is still at home and training in Villa Allende, I can't say. Perhaps he is. But I guess at some point he'll move to Buenos Aires, to train on grass ahead of flying back to London for the Olympics.

Edit: David is still in Unquillo and there's a new, extensive interview - post coming soon...

I'm also not quite sure yet what the next three weeks will look like here on VD, in case David insists on remaining "in hiding". But I'm planning to post my review of the season so far (and its implications) by the end of the week.