Monday, July 30, 2012

"It Was A Tough Day..."

(Martin Bernetti/AFP/Getty Images)
- David's first day at the Olympic tennis competiton that ended up also being his last. Here's a look back at this "Black Saturday" for David and at his take on his defeats in both singles and doubles.
I didn't play well, or rather, I didn't play the way I wanted to, in neither of the two matches.
The first of which was the singles against seventh seed Janko Tipsarevic. In their previous match at Wimbledon, a month ago, Tipsarevic had managed to unnerve David with some strong and most of all clutch serving. A performance that he was able to repeat, again leaving David without answers on return.
I couldn't find the solution for the serve. I tried but I couldn't do it.
Also in general, the match turned out to be rather too similar to their previous Wimbledon encounter. Again, David found himself trailing most of the time, after dropping his serve (again on series of unforced errors) early on in both sets. In the first set, he managed to recover the break immediately, on his first break point. But any hope that the match would now take a different turn proved to be short-lived. David lost his serve again in the following game and he didn't get another break point in the match. In the end, Tipsarevic prevailed 6-3, 6-4.
I had problems, reading his serve. I think he played better in the important moments and that made the difference.
- Which is pretty much exactly what he said after their previous match. What was different this time was that David made a few more unforced errors. Going for too much with his shots, especially on the forehand, and sometimes struggling with his shot selection. But at the same time also struggling with something else, namely his footing on court.
The courts are not as good as they seem, they're wet and there were a few strange bounces.
A problem that also Tipsarevic complained about and that could be observed during other matches.
It was a tough day because I had an extremely tough draw. I didn't play well in the singles match. He served very well, I had my problems returning and there were few rallies because it was a very short match. It's a bitter pill you have to swallow.
But the loss to Tipsarevic turned out to be not the only bitter pill for David on Saturday. Later, he also lost the doubles with Edu against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Michael Llodra. There was no coverage for this match. But here's a clip of the final stages, filmed from the stands:

We knew that it was going to be difficult and they took advantage of those chances that they got.
While David and Edu didn't have a single break point throughout the match, for Tsonga and Llodra a break towards the end of both sets was enough to secure a fairly easy 6-3, 7-5 victory. Leaving David out of the London Olympics and faced with questions (in the mixed zone) about his remaining goals for this season.
What matters is that in Davis Cup, we're in the semifinal.

There are still goals. There's still the US Open and we're in the semifinal of the Davis Cup.
But he was also asked whether there's any chance of him, playing the Olympics 2016 in Rio.
I don't see myself playing in four years. Getting a good result at Olympic Games would've been very nice but unless they advance the Rio de Janeiro Games (laughs), that was it.
At least, there's still the chance to spend a couple more days at the Olympic Village.
You don't come here to make friends but it's always a very good experience to stay at the Olympic Village because you get to share things with other athletes.
(Quotes: Olé, Yahoo, SitioAndino & Clarin)
And there's also the chance to attend other events and support the Argentine athletes. Yesterday, David (along with Edu, Charly Berlocq and Gisela Dulko) paid a visit to the Argentine basketball team and got to celebrate its victory over Lithuania (source).

Next up for David in tennis terms is the Rogers Cup, the Canadian Masters event held at Toronto this year. Right now, he's still two withdrawals away from making the main draw (reduced in size because of the Olympics). But some withdrawals are to be expected.
The draw will come out on Saturday.



  1. At least he said "I don't see myself playing in four years", not "I don't see myself playing next year" ;)

  2. "I didn't play the way I wanted to" >> and that's exactly what we've seen during the match. He so wanted to do well there, too bad he didn't have a chance to win a couple matches for his last Olympics.
    He said it well, there's still Davis Cup the main goal.

    At least, he can still enjoy the Olympics vibe in the Village and attending other events :)