Tuesday, July 31, 2012

David: I Don't Want To Be A Robot

(Ignacio Colo/La Nacion)
Before we move on to Toronto and the US hardcourt events here's something we haven't had in a while, a long interview that's about David, the person and not only about David, the tennis player.

Ahead of David's departure for London, Flavia Fernández interviewed him for the magazine supplement of La Nacion.
A conversation that took place at the set of the new Rexona Men commercial that David was filming that day (a "backstage" video about it you can watch here).
And one that, according to the article, saw David in a relaxed and friendly mood.

The interview is very long, therefore I've decided to include only a small part here and post the rest in form of an additional, backdated post, linked below.

It starts with a question about the mental aspect in tennis...

Q: At which point do you overcome the tension?

David: Who says that you overcome it? No, the nerves are always there. If not, you're not of this world. Stomach pain is a classic. The tingling sensation that appears twenty minutes before you play is another. I guess that if you lose these things then nothing matters to you anymore. There's always that bit of tension, also during the match. But well, you have to deal with it and try to be as cool as possible.

Q: You've recently shown yourself to be not all that cool...

David: I made a mistake and I said that I did. That kick happened in the heat of the moment and nothing more than just that. I let off steam. I didn't see anything and I didn't realise that there was a guy behind it [the board]. It was bad luck that I ended up hurting him. I wanted to kill myself, the truth is that I wasn't in control what I was doing. I'm not trying to justify what I did but these things happen to me because of how competitive I am.

Q: One would think that at your level, being competitive is a virtue.

David: Yeah, that's for sure. But you have to control yourself.

The interview continues here.

Update (01/08)
It was to be expected and now it's official - David is in the main draw at Toronto.
And together with Martin Jaite, Mariano Zabaleta, Tito Vázquez, Pico, Charly Berlocq and a few Argentine basketball players (including superstar Manu Ginobili) he watched Delpo's singles match against Gilles Simon today.
Some photos of David in the stands you'll find on the Photo Page.


  1. great intrrview thanks. he talked about armenian!!!!

  2. Thank you so much Julia for translating the interview! I saw Spanish-speaking people were talking about it and it was not easy to read it on La Nacion using Google translator, crappy lol. So thank you :)

    As usual, some points of the interview made me smile, David must be a very interesting human being to be around with! He is very down to earth (it's nothing new, we know that lol), loves his country, seems to be wise and loves anything related to "adrenaline" hobbies haha!

    >>>> oh poor Victoria, she's been waiting for so long, I hope they'll end up being married one day. The "we're getting to know each other" after 13 years of relationship, that's really baby-steps for David! haha
    I hope she's patient! because "I'd love to have a family AT SOME POINT" >> hum... when David? lol.
    I can't believe they've been together for 13 years now!
    I also remember the rumors and/or scandals back then, when he was supposedly linked to those models... I remember the Sofia Zamolo story, I'm still wondering if they were really together at one point.

    So Argentine people loving barbecues and meat is not a myth, so is the asado barbecue!

    "Becoming friends with a Czech player, for example, isn't so very likely because it's a matter of culture." >> it's funny that he picks a Czech as an example, considering the upcoming DC event lol. Be careful Berdych and Stepanek when you get there! haha

  3. Well, he said once that he doesn't want to have children while he's still playing. And saying that they're getting to know each other was a bit of humour, of course. I think the "official version" concerning Sofia Zamolo is that David and Victoria were separated at the time. But I have to admit that I don't really follow what does in his private life. ;)

    And that he picked Czech players as an example I'd just take as another sign that he's already thinking about the DC SF. :)

  4. Really enjoyed the interview. Very revealing. Thanks for the translation, Julia. I know what you mean about Google translations, Mira. Sometimes you read one, and all you can do at the end is go, "huh?" Wonder if VD followers have a special in on David's retirement asado, whenever that may be? Would be fun, wouldn't it?

    1. I guess it would be. But I can't see it happening. ;)
      And you're welcome. :)

  5. Thanks Julia, good interview! If I ever make it to Florida and my study hours allows it, I'm planning to take Spanish classes. I'm also fed up with google translation :p
    There's no question about David's love for his country. It was nice to see him with Pico supporting Delpo yesterday :)

  6. De nada. :) Well, without VD I would've probably never brushed up my almost forgotten Spanish. Though I have to say that it sometimes feels a bit weird to be juggling with two languages, neither of which is my own... But I have my very own (fluent in Spanish) proofreader. :)

    1. You are doing a great job with it! While I was doing my BA in English language and literature, I had to take courses in translation from English to Arabic and Arabic to English and it needed a lot of focus and good memory, so I can only imagine how demanding translating is when neither languages is your own.

    2. Thanks. :) Well, I'm a translator by trade but I'm used to translating into German, of course. Though I have to say that in some ways, Spanish and English are more similar than Spanish and German. Most of all in terms of the sentence structure and that makes it a bit easier. :)