Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Brief Update

A day later than usual, here's a brief look at the rankings. As far as David is concerned, nothing has changed compared to last week and he remains to be ranked #41.
But while for David nothing has changed, there is somebody for whom the rankings this week have a very special importance. And that's of course Roger Federer, currently spending a record-breaking 287th week as the world number one.
When I posted the last interview with David, I admittedly left out a certain part of it. And deliberately so - I wanted to post it in time for Federer's new record. So here's the previously missing part, with David's take on Roger Federer and his return to the top of the rankings. Something he apparently discussed with Fabián Sacarelli (the interviewer) before. And while back then, Sacarelli didn't think Federer could pull it off David predicted his return to the top.
You see? That's something I know a bit about (laughs). I told you that he would come back at some point because he's the best in the history of the sport. Now he's also again in terms of numbers but Rafa took the number one spot from him before and then came Djokovic. Federer is a player who possesses an incredible consistency. And I tell you, when the others fall off a little he'll be there. It's amazing, extraordinary, to tell you the truth I don't know any other guy who's been in the same kind of physical shape. He's 30 or 31 [he'll turn 31 next month] and the worst he's had has been a sprained ankle [and back problems, also recently]. You see, everybody else, they all suffer lots of injuries. He must have some problems because of his age but he always reached finals, semifinals, never lost touch. He was going to come back and he did.

Federer is breaking all-time records. What Djokovic did last year was incredible. But Roger did it for four or five years. It's fantastic what he has achieved and continues to achieve.

And one that matches today's David/Federer topic. As has been known for a while, on December 12, Federer is going to play an exhibition match against Delpo. By now, Federer has apparently agreed to play a second match in Argentina on December 13 (Edit: or maybe 16), giving rise to speculations (like in this article) that on that second day, his opponent might be David.
But at the moment, it's really just that - speculation.

Right now, there's no further news and for all I know David is still in Unquillo. But with the next post, due later this week, I'll start to look at what's ahead - the London Olympics.

David is still in Unquillo and continues to train in Villa Allende as this new clip shows.


  1. How good blog this is, I will start coming often. Thanks for your work. I think David is such a unique talent, and I am so excited he is well and fit this season at last, I know he is too good not to be a top 10 if he keeps healthy and playing, it is just a matter of a few months.

  2. Thanks and welcome to VD. :)
    Though I'm not quite as optimistic when it comes to his ranking prospects. And when I see or hear "a matter of a few months" in connection with David then I find myself thinking of something else...

  3. welcome here Durich!

    thanks for the update Julia ;) should Federer play a second exhibition match, hope it'll be against David, fingers crossed!

    just read that Rafa will be missing Olympics :( that's a tough opponent less for David's luck at the Olympics draw, but still, like he said in his previous interview, he can play against anyone in the 1st round, so fingers crossed as well!!