Thursday, June 14, 2012

Queen's Club R3 - David's Match Postponed to Friday

Once more, rain has stopped play at the Queen's Club. Before David got a chance to play his match. In the words of the British Tennis Twitter:
Unfortunately play has been abandoned for the day here at the #AEGONChampionships. Play will resume tomorrow at 11am.

Which means that David will play his third-round match tomorrow and, if he wins it, then later also his quarterfinal match. If the weather allows it, that is...

As you can see in the sidebar, David's match against Roger-Vasselin will be the first one on Court 1 tomorrow. In case he wins it, his quarterfinal match against Xavier Malisse will be the third match of the day on Court 1. In other words, there will be no streams.


  1. I've just tuned in on Eurosport, only to see that Tipsarevic and Lu have disappeared from Centre court... Rain :(
    hope the rain delay won't be too long...

  2. Just saw this tweet! if it's confirmed, that sucks for David :(

  3. Yeah, it's been confirmed. I'll update the post now...
    Just great.
    Why does the weather forecast always have to be right in the end?

  4. Fuming. Absolutely fuming. david will be so tired tomorrow even if he wins his first one. The people in my country are so dumb, why start play at. 12.30? If they started at 10.30 davids match might've even been played ! Omg I might see david twice tomoz thooo!

  5. I dont think they can finish the tournament this week. The weather forecast says rain.David doesnt have realy good memories when the play was postponed to another day

  6. they should start the day earlier, like 11a.m for example, if they're not sure how the weather will be later in the afternoon :(
    when will we eventually get to watch David this week :(
    and it really sucks for the players and their preparation...

  7. They will start play at 11am.

  8. if he can win two matches tommorow he would have a realy good chance to win his first grass court title!

  9. Rain can't be helped, but I'm not happy after leaving work early in the hope of seeing David's match on TV all for nothing. I'll just have to hope it's dry tomorrow and David gets a quick win early tomorrow...though of course there's no guarantee if he does they'll show his second match on TV!!

  10. You're not the only one who isn't happy...

    And no, there won't be any coverage tomorrow, whether he plays one match or two.

  11. He must be about the biggest name left in the tournament but they can't put him on Centre Court even once *fuming*

  12. First, Hi everyone, I missed you all so much,I received your warm wishes via Andvari and Ashot. It's been a long time for me now, Julia how are you ? hope everything is fine.
    lets get into the subject directly, whats happening in Queens is Fuming like George said. Even David's QF match will be held on court 1 ?? how sick is that. And yes if weather forecast suggest rain, why not start the matches at 11 am ? or were they waiting for this to happen to take this decision. If he wins, and i think he will, Malisse after 1 hour ??
    Shame on you Queens, just when the tournament was opening for David and all the seeds are out, Nalbandian's name is really the strongest of all, lets hope for a miracle tomorrow, an easy win for David.

    1. Hi Noubar, it's good to hear from you again. :)
      Thanks for asking, I'm fine. And I hope you're okay, as far as that's possible.
      I was expecting the R3 match to take place on Court 1. But obviously they've scheduled the matches so that those player who have to play two matches today will play them on the same court. And with only one match between the two, to take less risk with the rain. After taking too much of a risk with it before...

  13. I agree with Noubar, even though its going to be a start and stop day for Nalby this is an excellent oppurtunity for him to go far and to be seeded for Wimbeldon.

    The only players I see that can pose a challange to him is Grigor Dimitrov (Semis) or Tipsarevic or Clic (Finals)

    Even if Nalby makes it to the Semis I bleieve he will be ranked #32.

    Roddick #32 is going to lose spots due to points to defend, Kolshriber may gain some spots as he is still alive in the Halle tourny in Germany. However Berlocq, Andujar, Melzer, Troicki should stay the same, making Nalby jump ahead of them with a Semis performance... Go Nalby

  14. Yeah I agree with u all. Parev noubar, lav eh for hay me ga ;) lol. I think they've done it wrong all week starting play this late. And I won't be allowed by parents to go queens tomorrow coz of exams need to revise. We actually need a miracle tomorrow

  15. He must first win his R3 match quickly...

    Actually Malisse is a dangerous player (if they can meet in QF) - remember how he pushed Nalby in 3 tough sets end of last year (46 76 76)? I would never rule Malisse out.

    Even Tsonga is out now, so I hope Nalby could meet Tipsarevic in the final.

    But I am worried if he could have the stamina to play 2 matches in one day! When was the last time it happened in his career???

  16. heyyyy Noubar great to hear from you, take care as always :)

    court 1 no stream today, I begin to wonder if Queens' organisers have something against David :(
    1st on court 1 >> David please be wide awake!! and if he wins, another match on the same court >> wow, 2 matchs the same day, this schedule is definitely not favoring David :(

    still, vamos El Rey!!!!

  17. first set goes to malisse .
    Now it's too much to ask from david