Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Queen's Club R2 - David vs Ruben Bemelmans

A straightforward win for David and also a quick one - it took him merely 69 minutes to defeat Ruben Bemelmans 6-4, 6-2.
In the third round tomorrow, his next opponent will now be Edouard Roger-Vasselin (#67), who beat Andy Roddick today. Edit: And that match is scheduled on Centre Court.

Edit: Lots of pics by Istabraq and Denise (thank you both!) now on the Photo Page.
Everything else tomorrow...

(Olé/Getty Images; montage by VD)

6.06pm local: David's match is now next up on Court 1.

They both have longish blond hair, they're both not very tall, at least not by tennis player standards, and they both prefer playing on hardcourt. But that's pretty much as far as the similarities go between David and his opponent today, 24-year-old Ruben Bemelmans.
Amongst other things because, as can be seen above, Bemelmans is a lefty.

For Ruben Bemelmans, at #131 currently ranked the highest he's ever been ranked in his career, this is already his second tournament on grass of the season, though at the Nottingham Challenger last week, he didn't make it past the first round. Bemelmans usually plays Challenger events, with the two finals that he reached at Heilbronn and Athens as his best results this year, plus two further semifinals. At the ATP level, however, today's match is only the third that Bemelmans gets to play this season (and number 16 in total), after a first-round exit at Indian Wells (lost to Matosevic) and his victory over Malek Jaziri yesterday. On grass, this is going to be the sixth match of his career.

Just like yesterday, David will be faced with an opponent he probably doesn't know anything about. And one that I as well don't know anything about. But given that Bemelmans apparently isn't that tall (Edit: either 1.73m or 1.83m, depending on the source; the ATP site has no info on that) I doubt that he's a serve monster, though he's probably a good mover.
Still, in the end, it'll be up to David to "believe in his game", as he likes to say.
Also just like yesterday, there won't be any streams, only the scoreboard...


  1. Bemelmans actualy has a pretty similiar playing style to David.Hes a all-courter with clean strokes,likes to take a ball a bit earlier and his backhand is stronger wing.He also has a very good lefty serve.Its gonna be tough for David but i think he can win in 2

  2. Thanks for the info. So it's actually a bit more they have in common. :)

    Anyway, Roger-Vasselin has taken out Roddick. And that probably puts an end to our chances of seeing David on Centre Court in the next round - in case he wins today.

  3. Sorry to Post ahead, but Davis has defeated Bemelemans, The news gets even better. as there are major upsets in the tourny today. Simon, Murray, and Roddickare eliminated.

    If Nalby Makes it far to this tournament and I hope he does. I beleive he may be seeded in time for Wimbeldon. Thats excellent news!!!! Vamos David!!!!

  4. No problem at all, it just always takes a moment to update the post. :)

  5. And usually, the result gets mentioned first in the comments, anyway. ;)

  6. Yay, very good David! Vamos, good victory!

  7. Heyy guys im back from queens. The people didnt let me go to court 1 which pissed me off!! so i had to check on my phone but good he won! ;D It was nice to see murray and roddick getting knocked out, murray wasnt really that good neither was roddick

    1. That's such a shame. :(

      I was lucky yesterday with the Pospisil match - the weather was so cold and miserable that most people had gone home and there were loads of empty seats. But I could see today was going to be very different - lovely weather and masses of people, so I decided not even to take a chance I could get a ticket later. I bought a Court 1 ticket in the morning, even though I already had one for Centre Court. A very expensive way to see David (I think the Queen's ticket prices are extortionate), but last year was the first time I'd seen him, and I know I won't get many more chances.

  8. aaaaah good win for David!!! and not an exhausting match, I suppose!
    like John B, let's hope he can make the most of this draw, but we'll stay safe by taking the week match per match. Fingers crossed for a match on Centre Court next!

  9. YES! Centre Court!

  10. Yay! :)
    But the forecast says it's going to rain again tomorrow...
    Let's hope for the best.