Thursday, June 14, 2012

Queen's Club R2 - David Dismisses Bemelmans

(Sang Tan/AP Photo)

When in the very first game, David ended up surrendering his serve it briefly looked like this match might turn into a piece of work for him. A little over one hour later, David converted his first match point to beat Ruben Bemelmans 6-4, 6-2. Without facing any further break points and this time limiting his slow start to the very first game of the match.
In the third round today, David now gets to face Edouard Roger-Vasselin, who defeated Andy Roddick yesterday. Another opponent for David he has never met before.

(Denise Yoko Berndt)
As mentioned above, David dropped his serve in the first game of the match. The break turned out to be short-lived, however, as David broke back to level the score at 1-1. After that, they remained on serve, with David getting through his service games without any difficulties. At 4-4, David was taken to deuce but managed to hold for 5-4. Serving to stay in the set, Bemelmans went down 15-40 and then served the first set point with an ace before David converted his second set point, 6-4.

The second set saw David getting an early break and a 3-1 lead. And if it wasn't already before then it was plain sailing from that moment on. At 5-2, with Bemelmans serving, David held his first match point at 30-40 - and he converted it promptly, 6-2.

A quick and rather easy victory for David, even though (as Istabraq and Denise report) he was somewhat grumpy throughout the match, seemingly unhappy with the court and his footing on it, and also with some of the decisions by umpire Fergus Murphy. Although Murphy let David get away with some racquet-throwing and then also some swearing - in English.
Still, an easy win and one that means David has successfully defended his third-round points from last year. Whether he can gain some additional points - we'll find out.

Last but not least, it's official that David will get to play the London Olympics. But until now, there was no statement from him about having qualified. Yesterday, Jorge Viale from Fue Buena caught up with David at the Queen's Club and asked him about it.
I'm very happy that I'll get to play the Olympics and even more so because they'll take place at Wimbledon. I get there in good shape but it could be better. (Source.)
Although the venue is also the cause for some unusual concerns.
It's going to be very strange that we won't have to wear white at Wimbledon. I have no idea what they're going to come up with. (Source.)


  1. I'm happy that David could win in straight sets yesterday, I'm wondering what kind of swearing he said in English lol.
    I'm all for grumpiness if it can make him hold on and win important points hehe :)

    thank you Istabraq and Denise for the pics! you both have good quality cameras cause the photos are great! (I like David's shirt on the training pics!)

    speaking of shirts, good thing they won't have to wear white during Olympics, I so love the Argentine colors on David, he'll be pumped like a DC event hehe.

    and yaaaaay Centre Court today, no rain please :/

  2. Lool i wish they let me go from centre to court 1! lol iwannted to see tthat as well. Happily for everyone, the weather here in london at the moment is an absolute beauty. Im going tomorrow in centre.. hope david wins so i see him!!