Wednesday, June 27, 2012

David & Vamos David Take a Break

(Denise Yoko Berndt)
So Wimbledon is over for David and it's still four weeks until he'll return to SW19 for the London Olympics, to take part in the singles competition but also to play doubles together with Edu Schwank, as we know now (thanks, Mira). - Time for a break.

While David will be heading home, or has probably already arrived there, I'm heading away from home. In other words, I'm going on holiday.
So there'll be no posts and no news, at least not from me, for a week now.

But before I leave - the photos that Denise (thank you!) took at Boodles and Wimbledon you'll now find on the Photo Page.

Well, see you all again next week. :)



  1. I went Wimbledon today was great. Went in every single court :) centre with roof closed :) anw bye Julia

  2. Have nice and relaxing holidays Julia!

  3. Have some great vacations Julia! You and David both deserve some rest :)

  4. Have a nice holiday Julia! Enjoy your well deserved break!

  5. Yehh and thanks for the posts


  7. Hope you're having a relaxing holiday, Julia. I'm sure you're taking peeks at Wimbledon from time to time. Great results for Germany. Watched some of Kerber v Lisicki yesterday. Good stuff. Anticipating the Ferru-Murray match today.

  8. Hi there, I'm back. :)
    Thanks, George, Mina, camilia, Bibi, Erierikas and John - yeah, I had a great time. And as I was in Britain, I got to see a little bit of the BBC's Wimbledon coverage... Quite impressive. Especially if, like me, you're used to no coverage at all on free TV...

    Anyway, new post coming soon.