Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to Boodles

(Phil Cole/Getty Images)

It was a nice match that saw a couple of great rallies as well as some laughter and a bit of banter between the two buddies. And in the end, David beat Nicolas Almagro 3-6, 6-3, 10-4. But most of all it was a warm and friendly reception that David got at Stoke Park, just like always, and for him, this match will have been a very welcome moment of normality after the last few days. I for one thought that his relief after the match was palpable.
Edit: Apparently, David will play another match on Friday.


Edit: Plenty of photos that Istabraq (thank you!) took during the match and before it as well as a handful of agency photos (for David's match was also covered by Getty Images and I think we all know why) you can now view on the Photo Page.

In the meantime, it has been officially confirmed that David will be playing Wimbledon. The draw, and perhaps another match for David at Boodles, coming tomorrow.

(event website)

5.38pm local: The second match of the day has finished. Next up now: David.

Today is the day of David's first public appearance after the Queen's Club final. And perhaps, there couldn't be any better occasion for it than The Boodles Challenge. The exhibition event at Stoke Park that he has played every year since 2003, unless injury prevented it.
So Boodles is a tradition with David. But David also is a tradition with Boodles, having played the event more often than any other player, and he's "firmly regarded as a favourite of the event", according to the Boodles website. Or at least he was, when they wrote that, last year.

The Boodles Challenge comprises a three-round 'tournament' as well as a couple of additional matches. In the past, David always played the tournament (last year, after beating Troicki and Gasquet, he lost the final against David Ferrer). That he wouldn't do so this year has already been known for a while, as his name wasn't on the player list. But it still seemed likely that he'd play one of the additional matches - and that's exactly what's going to happen today, with David playing against Nicolas Almagro.

There is a stream for Boodles, this time even directly on the event's website.
Edit: And today, unlike yesterday, it actually works. - At least some of the time.
Istabraq and Denise will be at Stoke Park today. And hopefully they'll be able to tell us more about how David is doing now and how he's being received by the crowd, also outside of the match, itself.


  1. I would be really disappointed if the stream didn't work and since I think I have had enough disappointments in the past few days I hope it will work :p
    Can't wait to hear from Istabraq and Denise. Good news hopefuly!

  2. Murray is playing today so I think they'll be wanting to get the stream to work for that.
    Yesterday though, they were being rather nonchalant about it. As in, oh, you can't watch the stream? Well, sorry about that. - But nothing happened.

    So yeah, fingers crossed it'll work today...

  3. yaaay the stream on their official website is working... so far.
    Let's hope it'll remain that way during David's match :)
    Istraq and Denise, our special reporters in England hehe, can't wait to see some pics!

  4. It has already stopped a couple of times but so far, it always came back in the end. Let's hope it stays that way. :)

    Maybe I should add that they don't play a full third set at Boodles but a champions/super tiebreak instead.

  5. Just came back home! The stream isn't working!
    Did they start playing?

  6. Murray and Tipsarevic (first match) are playing and the stream works for me.
    Have you tried maybe watching it on LiveScoreHunter?

  7. Not working either!I'll try restarting and if didn't work, I'll try my sister's laptop

  8. Yes! It finally worked. Hopefully it will remain working :)

  9. Cilic/Isner now playing, stream still working fine... fingers crossed for David later!! :)

  10. Here's a pic of David warming up ahead of his match.

  11. thank you Julia, the grass is green, like if he was in a garden (with the flowers behind lol).

  12. Yeah, doesn't get much prettier in terms of venues than Stoke Park.

  13. David time!!!! stream still working hehe :D

  14. Now that was a nice welcome. That's why I said - Boodles is the best place for David's first appearance.

    And lol at the umpire trying to get a word in with David and Almagro chatting away.

  15. David looks so relaxed, it's so great to see him that way. (the hard court built in the backyard of his house when he was a kid, I think they always tell this story every year lol)

  16. So the stream has been working perfectly now it keeps freezing! Go figure!

  17. I thought the same thing about the hard court Mira :p

  18. it's a great training to receive Almagro's serve, and try to deal with his beautiful backhand!

    amazing passing shot! :D

  19. That was a fun match even though I had to deal with a lot of stream freezing and of course it completely kept freezing when David was talking. The last thing I heard was when David was asked why Almagro should keep coming to the Boodles like he does!

  20. Great match and a good result!

  21. What were they laughing about in the beginning of the tie break??
    Couldn't hear it but seemed to be funny

  22. Couldn't make it out myself. And as it turns out, there's no sound on my recording of the match...

  23. Oh ok. Thanks anyway... :)
    Glad everything was pretty relaxed today.
    It was all about playing Tennis, having fun and no drama

  24. Replies
    1. yep :)
      But sometimes I am clicking faster than my laptop's working :D

  25. Good match for David, exactly what he needed to bounce back after the Queen's weekend :D and play against someone he knows and likes.

    same here, my stream was freezing when David was talking :( :(

    I've just read this Andy Murray reaction to David's incident on Sunday

  26. Thanks for the link, Mira and well said, Andy.

  27. What a lovely match. :) My photos are on their way, and Denise has some to send in too.

    It seemed as though David hardly stopped smiling from beginning to end. You could tell the crowd really liked him, not just the few Vamos Daviders in it! One of my favourite bits was the point where a line judge called a ball out (Almagro's) but somehow the point went on for a few more shots until there was another 'out' call (Almagro's again). David asked if that meant he got two points. From where I was sitting, there was a line judge just behind David then and he was laughing about it too. I made sure I got a couple of photos of that... just to show that not all line judges think David is evil. ;)

    We were very lucky with the weather, and we watched David's practice session too. I won't be able to go on Friday, but the weather forecast isn't very good for the rest of the week, so I don't know how lucky they'll be with getting everything played.

    David's was definitely the most entertaining match of the tournament so far (though we missed Isner v Cilic to watch him practise - still I'm fairly sure that won't have matched up for entertainment value).

    It's been great for me being able to meet up with fellow Vamos Davider Denise, just as last year Joyce and I met at Queen's and watched David playing together. Fingers crossed David will still be playing next year, and maybe all three of us plus someone else from here will be watching together.

  28. Glad David could get back on the court, get a win and have some fun. When I got up early for work on Monday, I was still thinking what happened on Sunday was a nightmare. Unfortunately it wasn't. I still think the ATP rules for a default are rather draconian. David should have gotten the points through the semifinals. What happened on Sunday had nothing to do with David's five wins en route up to the final. Suffice it to say, Nole and Rafa, among others, aren't big fans of ATP officialdom either. Anyway, it's over with and David can move on to Wimbledon in good spirits. I'm pretty sure David isn't going to be linked with Bad Boys of the past. At least I hope not.

  29. Yes, I agree he should at least be rewarded the ranking points up to the semi-final...

    I am extremely worried about his Wimbledon draw. I really hope he could win few more matches this time. I will be sick to see him playing Djokovic in first round...

  30. wow thanks for the report Istabraq, glad you all had fun yesterday, I can't wait to see the photos :)
    yes, we could see David was all smiles during the match, I guess it was even more visible when you sit courtside. It's great that the crowd welcomed him very warmly, people had fun.
    Like Julia said, it was a perfect move from David to keep on going to the Boodles like every year :)

  31. Thanks Istabraq for the pics and the nice summary of the day.
    I love this laughing picture..
    If it were a poster, this would be on my wall. :D

  32. Thanks Istabraq! Those are such great pictures and I second what Marion said. David has the most gorgeous smile/laugh :D

  33. nice photos Istabraq! love the picture where the line judge behind David is laughing as well haha :D

  34. Here is somthing from BBC sport. Please read comment #11. Very well said and most agree with #11.

  35. Thanks, Anonymous...that article didn't add anything that anyone else didn't talk about. Most of the comments were as uninformed and as vehement as we've been seeing. #11 did have a great in which Andy Murray raised up in his comments. All around, Sunday was a big fat in which NO ONE, I'm sure, expected or hoped for.