Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rome Update

(Getty Images)

After a brief intermezzo on the blue clay of Madrid, next week it's back to the more traditional version of clay for David, at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia, also known as the Rome Masters.
And the good news of the day is that David won't have to play qualies. Thanks to a couple more withdrawals and the clearing of the Special Exempt spot, David is now officially in the main draw, as announced on the tournament website (Italian version).

Update (11/05)
The draw ceremony will take place on Saturday, at noon, local time.

Apart from that, here's a clip of David, training today at the SD Tennis Academy in Madrid:


  1. wow nalbandian seems fired up and training very well
    i hope for good things in rome
    i like to see him motivated like that with his team
    a joy to watch
    only if he continues in this vain we will see plenty of good results

  2. How do you think he spends his days when he's not playing a match?

    For the record, David is training with former player Roberto Carretero here, co-owner of that academy (together with Carlos Moya).

  3. to tell you the truth julia i didnt seem to believe he is training like in this video all the time
    i think its a good session for him
    most of the time i see him train he is just practicing baseline shots or play points
    here to me he seems more reluctant to improve and i think he knows he has to improve on his current form and surely thats the way to do it
    if only he could have practiced as players like ferrer or nadal for a month
    and i am sure he will be back on good level

  4. Most of the time you see him train it's a thirty-second to one-minute clip someone filmed during a public training session at a tournament. Tiny little snippets, taken out of a much longer practice session. How do you know what happens during all those hours, days and weeks that don't get filmed?