Monday, May 7, 2012

Rankings Update

It's Monday and ahead of David's first-round match at Madrid (which will take place tomorrow), it's time to have a look at the rankings and the situation after Belgrade. Having gained 90 ranking points for making the semifinal, David moves up six positions this week to #43.

But with those 995 points he now has in total, where does he stand, in terms of his chances of qualifying for the Olympics? As mentioned before, it's the rankings on June 11, the Monday after Roland Garros, that will decide which players get to represent their countries at the London Olympics. And if David wants to be among those four players, representing Argentina, he needs to overtake at least one of the four Argentine players, currently ranked above him. With Juan Ignacio Chela and Carlos Berlocq as the possible candidates, who both withdrew from Estoril last week, due to injury problems, but who will both apparently be playing Madrid.

At the moment, David is 170 points behind Chela (#36) and 81 points behind Berlocq (#38). Until the qualifying "deadline" on June 11, David will play the Masters events at Madrid and Rome and then Roland Garros, without any points to defend. Whereas apart from those tournaments, Chela and Berlocq will also play the World Team Cup.

Until June 11, Carlos Berlocq only has a total of 71 points to defend at Rome and Roland Garros. Juan Ignacio Chela on the other hand will be defending 575 points in the coming weeks. 90 at Rome, 125 at the World Team Cup and 360 from reaching the quarterfinal at Roland Garros, last year.
Had he won the title at Belgrade, David would've moved ahead of Berlocq and he would've come within 10 points of Chela. But as it is, he's still not too far away from both of them.
And also because of the huge amount of points that Chela has to defend, David's quest of making it to the London Olympics is still far from over. And it won't be, even if he doesn't manage to get very far at Madrid.


  1. This blue clay looks prety fast to me.That would be a good sign for David except against players like Raonic or Federer with big serve!i think David is not in a good form recently He is not playing well no other reasons why he lost from cilic and Seppi. He is in a good shape better than ever.he doesnt have any fittnes injury!I remember Federer said that about david several years ago: i dont know what he was doing all season long and then nalby started to play much better. I hope he can beat at least Raonic!

  2. I've said it before but I'll say it again - David did have adductor problems during the DC match against Cilic and therefore in all probability also during the doubles. The pause between DC and Belgrade was supposed to be a break and some rest for him. But also training and preparation for the clay events. Judging by his Belgrade matches, and especially the semifinal, I think that he probably mostly paused after those two 5-hour matches in DC, more than actually training.

  3. There are already so many news about players complaining the court isn't very good and is slippery - so I hope Nalby would be more cautious about his movement. I dont want another injury to happen!

    I really dont mind if he loses something like 7-6 7-6 to Raonic and bow out early, just to get another match practice. I am so scared of the word 'slippery'!!!

    Venus Williams just lost ugily 6-4 6-1 to a player, so why are there no complaints or suggestions to ask her to retire?????

    I hope Nalby could set smaller, realistic goals (same as Haas and Ferrero and Hewitt - they are no longer the same players after big injuries). Doing what he loves, and loving what he does is the most important thing now, especially since time is running out!!!!!

    1. I don't think he's being unrealistic with his two goals that he has. If it wasn't for his DC obsession, who knows if he'd still be around. And as for the Olympics, I think Beijing was a great experience for him, even though he lost fairly early. I think it's about that experience.

      He'll be cautious with his movement, he always is on clay. But yeah, unusual conditions like that are an extra risk...

  4. it'll be a tough match against Raonic, the blue clay looks pretty faster but anyway, David will have to find a way to break Raonic's big serve.
    yeah, the word "slippery" is scary but I guess big courts are more "nurtured" than the smaller ones (?)

    Chela has lost to Falla in 1st round.. ohhh if only David had a better draw and Raonic in 1st round :/

  5. Or David will have to find a way of being a tiebreak monster again. :) Though first of all he'll have to get to the tiebreak...

    The surface - I've read complaints about both the big and the smaller courts but the outside ones seem to be even worse, with more "holes" in them.

    The interesting part with Chela will be the coming weeks. ;)