Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Exhibition Intermezzo: Masters Guinot Mary Cohr

(event website)

Ahead of Wimbledon, there's Boodles (David still hasn't been confirmed for this year's edition). And ahead of Roland Garros, there's the Masters Guinot Mary Cohr exhibition, which starts today at the Paris Country Club. Offering players a chance to play a test match on the same clay and with the same balls that are used at Roland Garros.
But while Boodles takes place more or less in form of a small tournament, this exhibition features eighteen players, facing off in nine matches, three per day and with a champions (or super) tiebreak played in the third set.

To put all these matches into a bigger context and make things more interesting, the players have been divided into two teams, the "Équipe Guinot" (red) and the "Équipe Mary Cohr" (green). Each team has a "captain" and I'm not sure how they were chosen but in any case, David is the captain of the red team (including, amongst others, Delpo, Pico and Andy Murray). And as such, he'll get to face Julien Benneteau, captain of the green team, in the third match on Friday, the last match of the event.

As far as the chances of watching David play are concerned, the good news is that there's a stream for the Masters Guinot Mary Cohr. But the bad news is that Bet365 and LSH only have the first two matches of the day on their list.
Edit: Eurosport apparently only shows the first two matches. So right now it looks like there won't be a stream for David's match.


  1. oh David being captain of an exho team hehe, I like that label lol :)

    let's hope LSH will put a stream in the last minute on Friday (though I saw that, indeed, they only put the 1st two matches today).

  2. Eurosport provides the coverage. If they don't show it then there'll be no streams - and it looks like they won't. :(

    Anyway, here's a pic of the player lists - with David as "capitaine". ;)

  3. So after the first day, David's "team" leads 2-1, after Llodra beat Dolgopolov and PHM beat Anderson, while Delpo lost to Bolelli.

  4. Delpo lost to Bolelli??? Eeek.
    I hope it's only because he had "It's an exho" firmly in mind.

  5. Well, it is just an exho, after all. :)
    But maybe his knee is still bothering him.

  6. Too bad for the streams tomorrow :(

    I had to save the pic of the players' list :D

    Looks like Berdych has put some oil on the fire by posting the "Don't cry for me Argentina" song on his Facebook page right after he defeated Berlocq in Düsserldof.
    I don't like his humor (if that was supposed to be funny), and I hope it wasn't some kind of provocation...

    But he deleted his post one hour later though

    Davis Cup semifinal sounds really really hot for Argentine fans hehe :)

  7. It was obviously a joke. And rather harmless, I think. I mean, the WTC really isn't the most serious of events...
    About the SF tie itself Berdych has said that it'll be "practically impossible" to beat Argentina at home, that the Argentine team is "great" and "the favourite to win". :)

    As for this event here, the teams are tied at 3-3 now, after Murray lost to Gulbis and Baghdatis lost to Wawrinka, whereas Verdasco beat Pospisil (who replaced Raonic).

  8. I'm glad David chose the exho. He should be well rested for RG. Here's hoping he gets a good draw. As far as Nice goes, it would be great to see Kolya win it. All he has to do is get by "Wonderboy" Brian Baker and then either Simon or Almagro. Kolya became my guy while David was out.

  9. David, show to whole world you are the BEST tennis player because you are the BEST.We are in United States proud of you,of your games.Please,don't be upset, take each game serious,fight for every single score and you will be a winner.The main thing is concentration for each match.Remember we are here watching you every move.Best wishes to you YOU ARE THE BEST