Saturday, May 26, 2012

Exhibition Intermezzo: Epilogue

UpdateII (28/05)
More photos, from the Masters Guinot Mary Cohr as well as from David's training sessions at Roland Garros on the weekend now on the Photo Page, courtesy of Denise.

Roland Garros is the only Slam where play starts on Sunday - but not for David.
His first-round match against Adrian Ungur will take place on Monday.

Here's a little something to pass the time, ahead of Roland Garros: two clips that Denise (thanks!) filmed at the Masters Guinot Mary Cohr exhibition, yesterday.
One during David's match against Julien Benneteau...

... and one of him, saying a couple of words, afterwards.


  1. David was supposed to train with Feli Lopez at RG today but then instead trained with Milos Raonic.

  2. Thank you for those clips Denise and Julia for posting!
    Hopefully it was a good training day for David with Milos, thank you for the update!

  3. thanks Julia!
    yaaay rainbow-color shirt for Roland Garros hehe :)

    I hope David won't be scheduled to play 1st or 2nd match tomorrow, and that they'll put him on a court with stream, fingers crossed!

  4. Thats nice to here training with raonic! And mira i love that shirt and him also clearly hes worn it basically all year.

  5. Day 2 schedule of play is out.
    David will play 2nd match (after a WTA match)on court 6.
    It's not a streamed court, is it?

    1. Just checked LSH and they don't have tomorrow's schedule yet. Hope it's streamed. ESPN has early coverage tomorrow where I am, but I'm sure they won't even take a peek at David and Ungur.

  6. It is one of the show courts. :)

  7. I won't be able to watch it, or I might be able to catch the end. Perfect timing in the schedule there... I'm playing tennis as a last-minute replacement for my teammate who has food poisoning.