Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Brief Update - In a Lighter Vein

How to get over a painful defeat like the one David suffered on Monday? One way of doing it is to move on to London and to spend some time with your friends. Last night, together with his good friend Adolfo Cambiaso, David attended a show by Argentine singer Diego Torres (seen here between David and Cambiaso; thanks, Mira for the pic) at the KOKO in London.
And it looks like he had a pretty good time.

Meanwhile back in Paris, after his four-set victory over Adrian Ungur yesterday, Roger Federer talked to the Argentine media, in the wake of confirming his visit to Buenos Aires in December. During that visit, he'll play an exhibition match against Delpo. But when it comes to the question of who's the best Argentine player he has played against, Federer has his own preferences.
It's probably going to be between Nalbandian and Del Potro, I guess. And Coria was great but Nalbandian is still playing and Del Potro obviously won a Grand Slam. But I always admire Nalbandian's game, just his accuracy on the shots. That he was able to put it wherever he wanted. On any given day he could really beat you easily, [on] any surface. I think he's one of the only [few] players to make semis at all the four Grand Slams and then obviously we had that mega match in Shanghai, when he beat me 7-6 in the fifth. And we went through juniors, I lost to him at the US Open juniors, I beat him then in the semis at the Orange Bowl, getting to world number one. So I have a soft spot for Nalbandian's game, just because I've seen so much of it, and time and time again he impressed me.
(Transcribed from an audio clip by Fue Buena.)
Finally, in case some of you haven't seen it yet (Mira linked it in the comments - thanks!):
A different kind of interview with David...


  1. you're welcome Julia :)

    the driver : "have you tried French women". Um... I'll pretend I don't know what he meant lol :) (I hope Victoria won't see the "I have to [try]" part... haha.

    David is a really funny guy! I'm glad he has an enjoyable life outside tennis, he will certainly not be bored when he retires.

    thanks for the Adolfo Cambiaso details, good to know David has his habits when in London hehe.

    1. Maybe I should repeat here what I wrote in the comments for the previous post: Cambiaso, arguably the best polo player in the world and a big star in Argentina, usually meets up with David in London at this time of the year and accompanies him to QC & Wimbledon.
      (Just to clarify. ;)

  2. it's cool that Federer says he's always admired David's game. And I think it's sincere, even if he's talked to Argentine media for Argentine audience :D

  3. Fed always speaks very highly of David and his game. :)
    As he said, they've known each other since junior days and after all, there were times when David was his nemesis...

  4. David looks fantastic, very relaxed!
    With Roger it is always nice to hear how he is speaking about David, very nice.
    The video is so funny and he is so drop dead gorgeous in it... I also had to laugh so much with the women question :-). I always love to see David smiling and laughing that much!