Friday, May 4, 2012

Belgrade QF: David beats Joao Souza

David has reached the semifinal at Belgrade with a 6-3, 6-2 victory over Joao Souza in 72 minutes. In tomorrow's semifinal, once again in the night session, he'll meet second seed Andreas Seppi.

I don't have time to write a report this time but I'll be adding some pics (and, if possible, video highlights) later.

The draw for Madrid is out already (thanks, Mina!).
You can have a look at it here - but it's pretty much a case of worst case scenario for David. First round: Milos Raonic. And if he gets past him: Federer in the second...

More tomorrow...

(Reuters/; montage by VD)

In football, today's match would be a rather explosive combination - Argentina against Brazil. But in tennis, it simply is David against Joao Souza in the last quarterfinal match of the day at Belgrade. For David, it's the fourth quarterfinal appearance this season and the third one on clay. And it's another match against an opponent he has never met before.

23-year old Joao Souza, ranked #116 this week (the highest he's been ranked was #84, last autumn) belongs to those players who move back and forth between Challengers and playing ATP-level tournaments, if they can get into the main draw. His best result so far in this season was the quarterfinal he reached at Viña del Mar (lost to Juan Ignacio Chela). But since then it's been a series of first-round exits for Souza, both at Challenger and ATP events. A trend he was able to stop this week with his win over seventh seed Ryan Harrison. In the second round, Souza's opponent Dusan Lajovic was forced to retire injured after six games.

Joao Souza is a clay specialist but one who likes to go for his shots (I seem to remember that he has a pretty good backhand) and who likes to come to the net if he gets the chance. In short, David will be faced with more aggressive play than in the previous round.
Another factor could be the weather as some rain is forecast for Belgrade during the day.
Edit: Right now (at 12pm local) it looks like the forecast was wrong and it's going to be another sunny day at Belgrade.


  1. Good start. I really don't think he's going to have much problems today tbh. Hes started solid tho

  2. here it is starting again
    why cant he stay dominant

  3. Good, he finished, another good match but his services struggles and suddenly mistakes make me very nervous, just like it happent against Paire in San Pablo in which he almost lose that set, but well im glad that he is playing well and through the semis.

  4. What an awful match from both players, more than 30 UE by nalby and less than 15 winners I think
    He’s going to get crushed by seppi if he serves and plays like this

  5. Well, I think I saw about five games of the match. My stream kept freezing up and causing plugin crashes. Anyway, I got back on to see the handshake and the stats. Under 50 percent first serve percentage doesn't sound good. That will have to be better against Seppi. But, a win is a win.

  6. Exactly. His serve was less than impressive - again. But 31 UEs seems way too high to me, he cleaned up his game in the second set.

    Defintive highlight: Closing out the first set from 0-40 down... lol

  7. Good he won and as far as I have seen the Madrid draw is already out... can that be or am I wrong but it loos like?

  8. looks like... sorry for the typing mistake!

  9. Weird, it said the draw will be tomorrow... Anyway - what an absolutely horrible draw for David.

  10. Yes weird, I looked on the website just for other infos and was completely confused and looked and looked if it is really the actual one...

    But not good for David, tough draw, only Rafa instead of Roger could have been tougher... but who knows...

  11. Thanks for the hint. :)
    But yeah, this draw is pretty much as bad as it could get for David...

  12. You're welcome :-)!
    I'm still surprised that it was made today, one second I was happy David won the other second I saw that draw and was a bit shocked.

  13. Yeah... Now he really needs as many points from Belgrade as possible. At the same time, the deeper he goes, the less time he'll have to get used to the blue clay.

  14. ouch ouch, the Madrid draw is terrible. Raonic, then Federer...
    So right Julia, if he goes until the final in Belgrade, less time for training in Madrid, and he'll literally have to get used to the blue clay while facing Raonic...