Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Training & Press Conference

(Charly Díaz Azcué)

David may look rather pensive here but he can't have been wondering which matches he's going to play. During today's press conference, captain Martin Jaite confirmed once again that his strategy for the weekend remains to be same it has been from the start. Which means that on Friday, David (against Marin Cilic) and Delpo (against Ivo Karlovic) will contest the first two singles rubbers. On Saturday, David will play the doubles together with Eduardo Schwank (they had another training session in the morning). But there won't be a third match for him on Sunday - in case there's a live fifth rubber it'll be played by Juan "Pico" Monaco.

Despite Pico's run at Miami, Jaite not only plans to play David and Delpo on the first day. He has also never made any secret of this, even though in Davis Cup these things are often only revealed at the very last minute. But Jaite wanted his players to know what's ahead for them.
All of my players are important and I know that Pico is ready to play on all days and against any opponent. But Mariano [Zabaleta] and I, we think that the best way is to go with Delpo and David and to make this known as soon as possible so that there's peace of mind. (Source.)
David on the other hand acknowledged that it's easier to prepare for the tie, knowing exactly which matches he's going to play. More about that in the clip below. Apart from that, he stressed once more that the Davis Cup has a very special meaning for him.
I enjoy playing Davis Cup and even more so in my country. I always say that it's something totally different, unlike anything your get to experience on the Tour and it motivates me a lot more.
And apparently, he can hardly wait for the tie to begin...
We're fine, the preparations have been going well and we know the court well enough. The only thing that's left is to play. (Source.)
In David's case, that means first of all playing against Marin Cilic.
He's a tough opponent. We know the potential he has and how well he plays. I have to be wary, try to take advantage of every opportunity I get and be ready to fight. (Source.)
Here's a clip of first Delpo and then David, talking to the press after the press conference. David's part starts 59 seconds into the video:

Each captain has a different way of doing things, a different style. Martin [Jaite] said what's going to happen in advance. Of course things can still change, in case anything happens during the week. But as a player, it means you can be more calm and prepare in a different way than you would if you didn't know who's going to play and in that case there would also be more nerves in general. But he thinks there are ties where the captain can announce it in advance and others where that's not possible. Playing at home, that's very good for them. And they're obviously the favourites. But they have to stay calm and win those matches. The Croats are opponents they respect.

I have added more pics on the Photo Page and what I can tell you about today's training is that apart from practicing doubles with Edu Schwank (playing against Juan Ignacio Chela and Diego Schwartzman) in the morning, David again put in a second session in the afternoon, training with Pico.
That's it from me for the moment. I'll be away on family business so there won't be any updates tomorrow. On Thursday, Krystle will cover the draw ceremony and I hope to be back in time for the matches on Friday.

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  1. see you later this week, Julia!

    I like Martin Jaite's way of leading the team. Players who'll play on Day 1 know exactly how to prepare for that day, and indeed, it brings "peace of mind" for everyone. It's great to have Pico as a deluxe joker but I hope Jaite won't have to "use" him.