Friday, April 13, 2012

Not really an Update...

(Sergio Llamera)

All is quiet on the David front... And by quiet, I mean totally and completely quiet. No news of any kind for me to report at the moment. Now, there have been pauses (and posts) like this one before. Even if in the past, those pauses often enough came to an end as soon as I had posted that there was nothing for me to post, for example because a new interview with David was published. But this time I'm not so sure that the current silence will be ended by a new interview, or at least probably not in the next couple of days.
Apparently, the Davis Cup quarterfinal tie has seen some discord. Not between David and Delpo but between David and the Argentine journalists, with various complaints about a "lack of respect" on David's end. What exactly happened there, well, that's impossible for me to say but I seem to remember reading that David told the journalists their coverage of the Davis Cup "grows worse every time". What this is going to mean for any future coverage - we'll see.

In the the meantime, I assume that David is currently at home in Unquillo, training at the Ines Gorrochategui Academy in nearby Villa Allende and getting ready for the clay-court swing.

A final round of further photos from the Davis Cup quarterfinal weekend (from which this one has also been taken) you can view on the Photo Page.


  1. anyone know why nalby and delpo arent playing monte carlo?

  2. David already said a while ago that he'd take a couple of weeks off after DC to "rest and recover a bit".
    I guess with Delpo it's pretty much the same.