Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting ready for Europe

(Team Greco/FB)

During the last couple of weeks, practically nothing was to be seen or heard of Mr. David Nalbandian. Now, there's at least visual proof that he's preparing for the European clay-court tournaments - as he was spotted, training at the Vilas Club in Buenos Aires. (Some more photos, taken during his training session yesterday, you can view here.)

With Belgrade due to start on Monday, I guess he'll be on his way to Serbia soon, probably already tomorrow. For although Novak Djokovic's withdrawal means a spot as the fourth seed and a first-round bye for David, there's also the doubles to think of.

Update (26/04)
According to Danny Miche, David will fly to Belgrade tomorrow, i.e. Friday. Also according to Miche, after Roland Garros David is going to play the same tournaments on grass like last year, which is to say Queen's Club and Wimbledon (plus the Boodles exhibition, probably).
A short clip of David, training at the Vilas Club here.


  1. Would love to see David make some noise in Serbia. Since the draw is not as strong as the other tournaments going on I'm hoping David takes full advantage of it!

  2. This is for you Julia.
    Go Bayern go :-)

  3. Congratulations to Bayern!

  4. Thanks. :)
    But I guess this is where I admit that I'm really absolutely NO Bayern fan. Rather the opposite... ;)

  5. Good news for david that djokovic wont be there i hope he can win the tournament!

  6. So, who do you support Julia? I'm Portuguese and i have always been a Borussia Dortmund fan, so for the past 2 years i have been on a good streak! Also this is my first time posting here but i have been a long time reader, hope to post more from now on!

  7. Hi Bruno and yeah, I hope you'll post more now, too. :)
    Well, I'm from Berlin but I've never really been a Hertha fan. Instead, I support Dortmund and also HSV. And I belong to those Germans, who can't stand Bayern... ;)

  8. Hope David can take advantage of Nole's withdrawal. The Djoker was really conflicted last week at Monte Carlo after the death of his grandfather, and a shadow of himself. This is a great opportunity for David.

  9. It surely is. And at Belgrade we'll also find out whether David is only embargoing the Argentine media at the moment, or the media in general...