Sunday, April 8, 2012

Davis Cup Quarterfinal Day 3: Argentina in the Semifinal


With his 6-1, 6-2, 6-1 victory over Marin Cilic, Delpo has secured a spot for Argentina in this year's Davis Cup semifinal. So the Argentine team will return to the Parque Roca to take on the Czech Republic in September (14-16). In the second semifinal, Spain will host the USA.
A summary of the quarterfinal and a look ahead at the coming weeks tomorrow...

It's the third and final day of the Davis Cup quarterfinal weekend and that means it's time for the reverse singles - which will take place without David. Or rather, they will take place with David courtside, cheering on his teammates.

As always, the last day of the tie starts with the two #1 players, facing off in the fourth rubber. In this case, that means Delpo (struggling with allergies and an eye infection) against a probably very tired Marin Cilic.

If the tie goes down to a live fifth rubber, Pico will face Ivo Karlovic in the last match of the day.

With the semifinal now just one point away and even though David won't get to play today it's - Vamos Argentina!


  1. Vamos Argentina!
    Hope they'll show David courtside from time to time, fully deserved rest :)

    ouch poor Cilic, 3 matches in a row, let's hope DelPo will make the most of it as quick as possible!

  2. A good start for Delpo anyway! Yes, poor Cilic.

    That is a beautiful photo, with the flag waving and the court in the background. Windy days are good for something! ;)

    Mira, was it you who commented on Love@ll's Indian Wells photo of David on Flickr? I did too.:)

  3. yes Istabraq, indeed, it was me :) see, impossible to resist, the photo was so... hot haha :) (and great quality)

    it has just begun but it's amazing how Cilic is fighting hard despite being tired, always a good intensity in his strokes so far. Vamos DelPo!!!

  4. The Czech Republic awaits.

    1. yes, Stepanek and Berdych both are good on clay and hard court.

    2. Czech could be the touphest opponent after Spain and Serbia.

  5. nice hug with nalbandian, i can already see Argentina in the final, Serbia is out, maybe this year is the year without rafa on the Spanish team

  6. I think the Czech depend too much on Radek and Berdych.Who knows in which squad the teams will come in but I would say Argentina is the favorate.

  7. yaaaaay nice moment between David and DelPo and of course, the rest of the team.
    DelPo not worried even one second during this match. Poor Cilic who was too exhausted but I admire the fact he gave so much intensity even in his 3rd match in 3 days in a row. I've always liked Cilic, I like him even more after this.

    And Vamos Argentina!!!
    my fav part is watching them celebrating like this. Czech Republic, we are ready for you!!! haha

  8. And as a Vamos Davider, I'm happy that David could bring one point for the team this weekend in doubles, so that people quickly forget his loss to Cilic :)

  9. I missed the hug and all the celebrations. :(
    My stream froze at 30-0 and I couldn't get another one working.
    Never mind - they won! :)