Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome to Miami - David Overcomes Darcis

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Having to follow David's matches on the scoreboard
is never great. But sometimes, it can be particularly nerve-wracking - and it was again, yesterday, during his 6-4, 7-6(0) victory over Steve Darcis.
A match that saw David going up a break only to then lose his serve altogether four times. The last two of which happened when he served for the match.
But David overcame these difficulties and got the win in the end. And that's what matters.
I still need to improve my tennis and my physical fitness. I'm doing well but I have to get better. (Source.)
Already in the first game, David had but failed to convert four break points. After holding easily the first couple of games, he showed the first signs of struggling on serve at 3-2 when he had to fend off the first break point. Having levelled the score at 3-3,
David converted what was his sixth break point at
that stage to go up 4-3. But only to immediately drop his serve afterwards, the first of the four re-breaks Darcis managed to get in this match. Still, David went on to break him again, for a 5-4 lead and the chance to serve for the set. And eventually, after having been up 40-15 and then missed three opportunities to close it out, David converted his fourth set point, 6-4.

(Al Bello/Getty Images)
The second set began like the first, with break points for David. But this time he took the third he had in the first game and then held serve afterwards for a 2-0 lead. More solid now on serve than towards the end
of the first set, David seemed to take control of this match - until Darcis broke back to draw level at 3-3. But once again David was able to recover the break immediately (for 4-3) and then, after saving a couple
of break points, managed to get through to 5-3.
With Darcis now serving to stay in the match, David held a first match point but couldn't stop him from getting to 5-4. What followed was a truly catastrophic service game from David (that's how it was described on Twitter by people who saw the match), who dropped his serve to love, on a double-fault. But he rallied afterwards and broke Darcis again, for 6-5 and another chance to serve out the match.
And then came - the drama. After going up 40-0,
David failed to convert altogether five further match points before eventually losing his serve yet again.
So in the end, the set went to a tiebreak. And after all the chaos and all the missed chances - David won it 7-0.

It's impossible to say what exactly happened, for example with those six missed match points, without having seen the match. But generally speaking, I'd say that this was the kind of rough start that had to be expected from David at Miami. On the scoreboard, it looked like he made things a lot more difficult for himself than they would've needed to be. But he pulled it off in the end and now he still has the chance to win more than one match at Miami, this time around. Though it's going to be a tough one that awaits him tomorrow, in form of another encounter with Janko Tipsarevic.
Tomorrow [i.e. today] I'm going to rest. In the evening, I'll think about Tipsarevic. (Source.)


  1. I've always wondered about David's serve : everytime he struggles with his 1st serve (and the DF), is it because of his physical strenght/fitness which makes him feel tired or something "wrong" with his technique (though he's had the same since the first time I saw him play) ? or just some kind of pressure of having to hold serve?
    anyway, when his serve is okay, I don't worry much about the rest of his game :)

  2. If they asked David today what's his least favourite shot then I'm sure his answer would still be the same as in this clip (at 1:11). And if you don't like a shot and have your problems with it in general, I think it's only normal that it gets even worse if you're under pressure or feeling tired during a match.

    Though in the past, there were often enough also physical reasons for it. Apart from the various abdominal strains and tears he's had over the years, the hip injury affected his serve, as well.
    I think his serve looks different now than it did in the early days of his career. But it's always going to be his Achilles' heel...

  3. But I think his favourite shot (at 1:54) is also still the same it was back then. :)

  4. I totally understand his proclivity for backhands and his aversion to service :D


    nalbandian at 2:05

    1. Mira has posted it already in the previous post ;)

  6. thank you Julia, least favorite shot, I totally understand and wish he'd only have to play backhands :)
    when he hits some aces on the T it's always nice to watch, so gracious, not the brutal Karlovic type lol.

  7. There's one thing that's far worse than serving... Having to deal with the media. lol

    On a different note, maybe you'll all remember the talk about David, playing an exho match against Federer in December. By now, it looks like that match is going to happen but Fed will play against Delpo. Not official yet, though.

    1. lol always the same expression of his face before/after a press conference haha!

      Julia, you're right, looks like it'll be Federer-DelPo exho, not David... too bad it's not David :(

    2. Yeah, it was pretty much clear, the only thing missing was Delpo, giving his official okay. And he obviously has by now.

  8. I was at the match yersterdy..what really happend is that he is having a lot of trouble when he has to close vames sets and matches...its seemsbhe gets a little bit anxious and doesnt know how to manage that situation. So he first starts missing nreak or match points becouse of that and then becouse he starts getting unde prrssure and the his groundvstroke become to get shorter doing no harm to his rival...

  9. That's not what I've heard from other people/journalists who were there at the match. ;)