Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Training at the Parque Roca

(José Luis Dominguez)

While I'm posting this, David and Eduardo Schwank (Edit: Delpo will join them tomorrow, Pico on Monday) are having their first practice session at the venue, after training at the Tenis Club Argentino yesterday. Here's a look at David, "live" from that session.

There was no press conference today but on Argentine TV channel TyC Sports, Martin Jaite confirmed that he's planning to rely on David and Delpo for playing the first two singles rubbers on Friday (source) and that David will play the doubles with Eduardo Schwank (source).

A few more photos from today now on the Photo Page.



  1. this is very weird
    it seems that in the photos nalbandian switched back to his older racquet the yonex rdis 100 mid plus
    while all year he switched to the new vcore 98 d
    i wonder if its just a paint job

  2. I guess it looks similar in some of the pics (also in some of the previous ones). But since he's using the Vcore 98D now I think it's safe to assume that he hasn't just switched back to the old model. And Yonex probably wouldn't want a new model they're trying to sell to be made to look like an old one.

  3. according to what i read in fuebuena, he changed is racquet because the new one was not heavy enough

  4. Okay, then maybe he has switched back. I mean, it looks different on the different pics. On some it looks like the old racquet and on others it looks like the new one.

  5. can you link me to that leandro?

    In comment 6 someone says that david was with the old racquet, and Jorge (the journalist that was covering the tournament) says that david needed a lighter racquet, but was not completely confortable with the new one.