Saturday, February 4, 2012

Willkommen in Bamberg


After departing from Buenos Aires yesterday evening and a sixteen-hour trip via Paris and Nuremberg, David and the rest of the team (except Juan Monaco and Juan Ignacio Chela, who have both reached the semifinal at Viña del Mar) have now arrived in Bamberg. From the Argentine summer to "9 degrees (Celsius) below zero, snow everywhere but sunny", as the first impressions were described on the AAT's Twitter.

The first training session is planned already for tomorrow afternoon, at the Tennis Arena in Forchheim, southeast of Bamberg (see pic), which has been appointed as the Argentine team's training camp, also for Monday. Usually, Monday before the tie is when training at the venue itself begins. But in this case, basketball  (for which the Stechert Arena is mostly used) got in the way, with a league game scheduled for Sunday night. So the court will be laid at the Stechert Arena on Monday and training there will start for both teams on Tuesday.


  1. Welcome in Germany! :-) Hope it is not tooo cold for the Argentinian boys... although I'm freezing a lot. I hope they feel fine and are super fit for the ties! Vamos!

  2. Yeah, it must be hard for them, coming here from Argentina, where it's like 35°C now... Edu Schwank calls it the "crazy cold" on his Twitter... ;)

  3. wow it's really cold out there!
    hope our Argentine team will be able to deal with it, they have to...

    Julia, when do you arrive in Bamberg? lucky you!! :)

  4. I bet it's toooooo cold for them! I hope you have a great time Julia :) Unfortunately I'll only watch the first match on Friday :(
    oh and Pico made it to the final

  5. Ooops! It probably seemed a good idea for Monaco and Chela to play Vina del Mar immediately before leaving for Bamberg: that way both of them would have very recent match practice.

    Pity then that Carlos Berlocq should have beaten Chela in the SF, and (what's more) bagelled him in the third set. I can't help feeling that Jaite would possibly wish he could drop Chela and take on Berlocq instead. Still, Chela has huge experience and may still come up trumps - if he even plays, that is.

  6. I don't think he'd want to exchange Chela with Berlocq. Because of Chela's experience and perhps also because of the doubles.

    Mira - I'll be going to Bamberg on Thursday.

    And thanks, camilia. :)

  7. It is a bit of a shame for Berlocq he's never been given a chance in DC, considering his ranking.

    I hope Pico and Chela aren't too tired.

    Julia, have a great time in Bamberg.