Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Training & A Change of Plans

Another day of training on the "very strange" court at the Stechert Arena, and two more pratice sessions for the Argentine team - or rather, for everyone on the Argentine team except David. After practicing with Juan Monaco in the morning (see clip above), David got the afternoon off "to rest". The fact that there haven't been further doubles practices with Eduardo Schwank could be a sign that David is going to play two singles matches, rather than the doubles and a singles. A theory that's now favoured among the Argentine press (i.e. Juan Monaco and David for singles, Juan Ignacio Chela and Eduardo Schwank for the doubles).

Meanwhile, there's been a change of plans - for Patrick Kühnen and the German team. Yesterday, Kühnen still seemed optimistic about Philipp Kohlschreiber's chances of recovering until the weekend. Today, however, Kohlschreiber withdrew from the tie, due to the stomach flu he's still suffering from. Or in the (tweeted) words of his teammate Tommy Haas:
Kohlschreiber not coming to join the team in bamberg, he is sick as a dog. this makes life this weekend a bit harder,feel better kohli
Kühnen will now nominate a replacement player, a choice that has to be made in time for tomorrow's draw ceremony. It is expected that Kühnen will nominate Cedrik-Marcel Stebe, who is in Bamberg and has been training with the team. Whether this means that Tommy Haas is going to be Germany's #2 singles player (as Martin Jaite expects) or whether perhaps also Philipp Petzschner will get to play a singles rubber - we'll see. In any case, Jaite stressed that "we have a lot of respect for the German team, regardless of Kohlschreiber's withdrawal" (source).

Tonight, it's time for the official dinner, which, according to the AAT Twitter, will take place at "a castle". And there are several of those in and around Bamberg.
Edit: Two (rather blurry) photos plus two new, better ones from the dinner on the Photo Page.

Well - and that's it from me, for the moment. Tomorrow, I'll be on my way to Bamberg to see David play live for the first time. I have been waiting for this opportunity for many years and now that I get the chance, I'm going to go to Bamberg not as a blogger - but simply as a fan.
So I'll leave you now in the more than capable hands of Krystle, who will cover the tie for you.

Vamos Argentina & VAMOS DAVID!

(Diego Otero/Clarin)


  1. Let's all hope Nadal doesn't find some way of getting all his clay court matches to take place on a surface like this!

  2. I am so happy for you Julia, it's "the perfect event" to see David live for the 1st time, and you so deserve this.

  3. Thank you. :)
    And yeah, could there be any better occasion? Good old DC - and I'll get to see DC David. :)

    By the way, I'd like to add that tennis is so very popular in Germany these days that this tie isn't going to be televised anywhere (only streamed)...

  4. Enjoy this occasion, Julia! DC is the only event where it's 100 % certain that David will be present. Have a great time! And you should join the argentinean fans! Among them the atmosphere is incredible! Vamos Argentina!

  5. Too bad for Kohli from Germany's perspective. It definitely helps Argentina, though, since he's their best player. Still, I thought Haas played very well against Nadal in Australia. Probably should have taken a set from Rafa. Wow, you must be excited, Julia. Glad you can go as a fan. Use your Spanish and the Germans will never suspect you're a turncoat. Yeah, right. Enjoy.

  6. Hey Julia. I'm in bamberg too. And it's also the first time for me, that I can watch David live ;-)

    Unfortunately, I must go to italy on saturday :-( so I hope, that David play two single games. I'll be back in Bamberg on sunday to watch the last two single games.

    Have fun!!

  7. You too, Febio. So it's not just the first time for me. :) Well, it could very well happen that David plays on Friday & Sunday.

    John, yep, I am pretty excited, still can't quite believe it, though... lol Well, thanks to Krystle I can go as a fan. And I think the German fans will understand. ;)

    Bibi, thanks and yeah, that's true - DC comes with a "David guarantee". So I just knew this would be my chance when the DC draw came out. ;)

    Okay, I'll see you all when I'm back from Bamberg. :)

  8. I am jealous of you Julia, I wish since 2 years that Argentina plays a Davis Cup match in Austria but instead this year Russia does it and it will take place in a city which is 30 km away from me. I wished so much it would be Argentina instead. I have no hopes any more that David plays in Vienna again.
    So enjoy your only opportunity to watch David live :) you too Febio

  9. yaaay Julia, have fun and stay safe :)
    DC David is the best version of David lol. Hope you'll get to see him play singles.

    they look so elegant during the official dinner.

  10. Yeees! David plays single!

    R1 Petzschner - Monaco
    R2 Mayer - David

    R3 Haas/Petzschner - Schwank/Chela

    R4 Mayer - Monaco
    R5 Petzschner - David

  11. Woo hoo Julia, you've finally seen David in the flesh and he got the win! Enjoy the rest of the tie :-)