Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Interviews before Leaving for Germany

Tomorrow, David will be on his way to winterly Germany (-10°C/14°F in Bamberg today), together with Martin Jaite and Eduardo Schwank. There, they'll be joined later by Juan Monaco and Juan Ignacio Chela, who are both still in the draw at Viña del Mar.
Ahead of his departure for Bamberg, David took a moment to talk to the media. First of all to, the website of the TV channel that broadcasts the Davis Cup in Argentina:
Q: Going to Germany, what's your level after beginning the season on hardcourt?

David: I get there at a good level, both physically and in terms of my tennis. I've trained a lot since I arrived here back from Australia, both physical training and tennis on clay.

Q: Would you like to play two singles and the doubles if they left that decision to you?

David: I'm at the team's disposal and I'm going to play those rubbers the captain decides.

Q: Do you think you can readjust quickly to clay after months of not playing on that surface?

David: I practiced a lot on clay in December and this week as well. I haven't played a singles match on clay in a long time but I hope that I'll be able to adjust well to clay.

Q: What are your thoughts on Jaite and Zabaleta now being captains? Do you think it's going to strengthen the bond between the players?

David: They're both former players, much loved by the current players. They're both very experienced and without a doubt they're going to pass that on to the team.

Q: Did you understand Del Potro's decision not to play this tie because of scheduling issues? Do you think it was the right thing to do?

David: Of course I understand what he did. I fully respect Juan Martin's decision in this case.

Q: Why should people [in Argentina] go back to dreaming about winning the Davis Cup this year?

David: Because we have a very good team that always makes it to the decisive stages. We came very close to winning it several times. We'll play a very tough first tie and if we get through it our schedule will be full of home ties which is going to favour us.

Q: Would you retire at the end of the year if you were to win it?

David: Even if we win the Davis Cup this year I've thought about playing a little longer, until the body gives out, hehe.

Apart from that, David also appeared on Argentine radio La Red:
Germany is a very tough team, very competitive. One, where all the players play well. It's going to be a tough tie. If Juan Martin was playing I'd say we'd be the favourites.
Germany's captain Patrick Kühnen would disagree ("Argentina is the favourite"). But of course David was also asked to comment on Delpo's decision:
It doesn't seem like a bad decision to me, it depends on the priorities of each and everyone. Federer basically never played Davis Cup and this year, he does. Everyone is free to do what they want. We hope that we're going to win this tie, it's one of the most difficult ones we could've got [in the first round].
One that will be held on indoor clay.
Playing on clay means a better chance for Chela, Monaco and Schwank. I would've liked to play on hardcourt but for the team it's better that we play on clay.
From the Davis Cup over to the Australian Open, the Isner match and the challenge incident...
Those are mistakes that can happen but they seemed very serious to me. I hope that at some point we'll get to feel like we have the ATP's support. The players don't really feel that they have that support.
While we don't get to hear more about the other incident and David's appeal of the fine, it gets clear that the challenge incident still bothers him, though he wants to close that chapter now.
I don't know how the ATP is going to handle that issue. They all point at somebody else. Back when there was no HawkEye there was more of a discussion about everything. Today, with technology, there should be no more human mistakes but there's a huge lack of judgement. It's a never-ending story.
It's incredible that they keep talking about these things. And they are difficult to resolve. But it's over, it's history. I have to think about what's ahead. It's going to be a tough year with a very busy schedule.
The calendar (even more busy this year because the Olympics) has been the subject of complaints from various players, including Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. So far, David hasn't joined the ranks of those, actively calling for a shorter or reduced calendar - though he shares their views.
Tennis today is madness. That's why you get this number of injuries, that's why it's difficult to keep playing regularly over several years. The only one who doesn't suffer anything weird is Federer. That makes you realise that the circuit is extremely tough, that the career is very short and the circuit is very tough. At age 40, all the players are [physically] destroyed. (Source.)


  1. everyone say ... argentina is the favourite ... kohlscriber & mayer are 100 % favourites against monaco ... they also doubles specialist petzsner .. kohlscriber plays doubles well too .... hard luck argentina ,,

  2. It is indeeda tricky first round encounter.

    Sometimes I have a dilemma - either Argentina wins the Davis Cup, or loses immediately in Round 1, so that Nalby could focus on his individual success in the ATP tour.

    I really hope he will do well and win 1 tournament in the clay events in February. It is a criticla month to grab the opportunities (weaker fields) to climb up the ranings (top 50 hopefully by the end of the month?).

    I have a feeling that he will retire aged 32 years (end of 2014).

  3. It's Patrick Kühnen who says that Argentina is the favourite. And it's David who says that Germany is pretty much the toughest opponent they could've got under the circumstances.

  4. Monaco on clay can I think beat Kohli or Mayer.Even tho its not Davids favorate surface the other 3 guys on the team will really prefer it.

  5. Is it possible that the Germans chose clay purely and simply in the hope that Del Potro would decide not to play? Otherwise, it looks as if the choice rather favours Argentina.

  6. Playing home ties on clay is quite normal for the German team. Or has been, in recent years. It's Mayer's best surface and Kohlschreiber does well on it, too.
    Apart from that I guess Kühnen did his homework and knew about the chances of Delpo, playing this tie.