Friday, February 17, 2012

São Paulo R2: Easier Than Expected - David Beats Simon

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Before this match, David said that it was going to be a nice one - he proved himself right. And unlike his previous encounters with Gilles Simon, it also turned out to be a short one: After only 68 minutes David sealed a straightforward 6-3, 6-2 victory. Against a Gilles Simon, who never found his way into this match, David saved all five break points that he faced, while breaking serve altogether four times. In the quarterfinal today, David's next opponent is now clay specialist Filippo Volandri.

Unlike with his topsy-turvy victory over Benoit Paire in the first round, David remained in control of proceedings throughout the match. Profiting from Simon's low percentage of first serves (especially in the first set) as well as from the many unforced errors that Simon committed. Also contrary to the match against Paire, this time the two sets unfolded rather similarly. In both sets, David was able to get an early break, for 2-1 in the first, and for 3-1 in the second set. In each of the two sets David played one poor service game but this time he managed to fend off all of the break points he faced, able to rely on his first serve in those moments (coming back from 15-40 at 4-3 in the first and from 0-40 at 3-1 in the second set). And also in both sets, David then broke serve again, to take the set and eventually, the match.

In short, David was the better and far more solid player, with especially his serve performance much improved, compared to the first round. Before the match, there was a question mark, concerning David's physical state. But he seemed to have recovered from his long match against Paire and that this match only lasted little more than an hour will have surely helped. Whether David will be able to build on this good result we'll see tonight, when it's time for the quarterfinal.

(- That's the short version. I'm ill so bear with me...)

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  1. Get healthy very soon, Julia!
    It was really fast, didn't expect that but good for David and our nerves :-). I'm happy that there seemed to be no physical problems.
    Vamos David!

  2. Yes. salud, Julia! May you soon recover your full health.

    David is like some conjuror - whatever you expect, he doesn't do. The easy often defeats him, whereas the impossible he does quickly and elegantly.

  3. get well soon Julia ;) I hope the late night match didn't aggravate your health...

    and again tonight, David expected to play at 9pm GMT, thank God it's Friday haha.

    I hope David will stay fit versus Volandri because he'll run much more than in his previous match.

  4. Thank you all. :)

    Well, usually David does really well whenever I'm sick and would like to get a pause.
    So for him, it should be a good omen...

  5. Get well, Julia. I can't help but think these late nights aren't good for the cure. It was good to see David play so well yesterday. He really buckled down when things got tough. Like the 15-40 and 0-40 games when he was serving. No walkabouts last night. I was worried it was going to be a long night because Simon can be a human backboard. Not so.