Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Battle This Time - David Loses to David Ferrer

(Sergio Llamera/Copa Claro)

(Alejandro Pagni/AFP/Getty Images)
The expectations were high before this match, David's first semifinal in more than a year. But in the end, not even the passionate support from his home crowd could help David against "the other David" Ferrer, who prevailed 6-1, 6-4.
The first set saw David practically without any chance, unable to take the initiative during the rallies and making far too many unforced errors (15 to Ferrer's 4).
After the loss of the first set, however, he finally seemed to find his way into the match, with better serving and some well-constructed points. Until at 2-2 the rain came...
In the end, it was only a brief rain delay. But it was enough to derail David's attempt at making a comeback in this match, with Ferrer once again firmly in control after the break. At 5-3 for Ferrer, David managed to save two match points on his serve and once more, the crowd at the BALTC did its best to cheer him on. But then, only moments later, Ferrer served it out to love.
And a very frustrated David fled from the stadium, without another word...
A disappointing ending for what has been a great week at the Copa Claro. Perhaps, the expectations and the pressure were a little too high. Still, David played some very good tennis this week and those semifinal points will help him to improve his ranking.

Coming later tonight: the draw for Acapulco.


  1. like you often say it, there's no shame losing to a tough guy like Ferrer :)
    sure, expectations were high, as always, but as the games went ahead, we became more realistic on David's chances.
    Anyway, great week for him in BA, hope he'll have a good draw in Acapulco, if he can reach final 4 again, and more...

  2. I hope more he get's a wild card in Indian Wells than going deep in Acapulco

  3. Mira, with high expectations I didn't mean VD but the big fuss that was made about this match in Argentina and the pressure that came with it. ;)

  4. Didnt know there was a 7 hour time difference for me.Its gonna be tough to follow the tournament for me.

  5. Apparently he's playing Giraldo in the first round. I'm not bein able to access the draw, some prob with computer.. Is it alright if u put it up please? Thanks a lot. Yeah here in London 6 hours in front, will be tough, but for David we can all make time lool (: Gunna be so tired for school this week

  6. I'll post the draw as soon as the complete draw is available online.

  7. Maybe we see another semi-final David vs David :D Could happen..
    Ok. We'll see. Step by step.
    Hopefully he can live up to his earlier performances..

  8. 2 wins could get him right at about 56-57.